30 November 2010

baby news

you thought it would be about us, huh?!


Arlan's cousin, Janelle & her husband Brent, welcomed into the world yesterday their little boy, Grey Daniel Young. He weighed 7 lbs. 9 oz. and was 20.75 inches long.

He has "dark hair, dark eyes and big hands"-to quote their email...all 3 are doing well.

Congratulations Youngs! We are excited to see/meet your little one!

26 November 2010

Friday's Funny-cousins

Ah, cousins...you gotta love em!

Today's post is in honor to little Charlee, who turned the big 1, about 3 weeks ago. I just realized I never posted any pictures! It was a chaotic but fun night watching Charles open up her gifts.

Happy Birthday sweetie...we love you!

Isn't she darling?! A little Cathy in the making ;)

Haven & Charles playing away

all 3 kiddos liked playing together with Charlee's fridge magnets

this picture cracks me up!
cousin Will loves being by Grandpa, but especially when he gets to drink Sprite!
isn't his very intense look towards the soda can something?

[**insert for Theresa's sake: if this was my kid, I wouldn't think it was all that funny!]

and last, my inspiration for this Friday Funny post, the 4 oldest cousins being silly in the basement!

22 November 2010

baby X 2

This past Saturday I was fortunate to host my best friend Alesa's baby shower.
She is such a special friend in my life & has truly helped shaped the person I am today-really...she has no idea how important she is!

Well, she is being & will be "shaped" by 2 little ones growing inside of her-baby boy Bahler & baby girl Bahler will prayerfully make their appearance sometime the beginning of February 2011. What great parents her & Clint will make!

Some pics from the event:

Haven had lots of avid attention until her nap time :)

Alesa & her lovely sister-in-law, Angie

grandma Dix & Alesa

21 November 2010

amazing women

This past Tuesday I got the privilege of spending time with eight lovely ladies.

Ladies who have touched my life. They have married. Raised children. Loved grandchildren. Laughed with friends. Learned hard lessons. Lost loved ones. And most & foremost, trusted Jesus. And I got the honor of getting a small glimpse into some of their hearts.

It was a beautiful brunch held at the Tearoom at the Depot in Mackinaw.

Thank you ladies for your wisdom, your smiles, your laughter...what a special time.

19 November 2010

Friday's Funny-holiday decorating

So last Friday I got motivated to decorate for the holidays...partly because I always get very over-eager for the season and partly because I'm hosting my friend, Alesa's, babies shower this Saturday...hosting always seems to "encourage" me to do things a bit faster.

I'm not the most innovative interior designer, but here's what it looks like:

this is my Fall decor I took down....

....and replaced it with my nativity scene.

my tree collection

since my plant-loving husband hates getting rid of some of our greenery in the winter time, I incorporated my geraniums into our display...yes, Buddy-these geraniums are from your rehearsal dinner 1.5 years ago.

my entry way display....

Now what is so 'funny' about this Friday Funny post...well, it was a balmy 70 degrees outside and as the previous picture attests, it was warm enough for my neighbor lady to still have her Boston fern outside!

crazy? I know :)

12 November 2010

Friday's Funny-historical reenactments

Some of you will think this post is hilarious...

...others will merely roll their eyes and sigh...

...still others may think we Miller's are what you could call "history geeks"...

whatever you think (and we'd love to hear your comments), we may as well post our historical reenactment pictures.

you see, every time we travel to some historical sight, we love thinking about the event, the people, and of course, the history that was made at each locale...how it shaped our country-the struggles, the joys.

so (deep breath)...here we go!

well, this photo made it's appearance about 2 years ago when we traveled to Boston (click here).
We were so excited to travel to the radical city at the heart of the American Revolution only to realize they still hadn't built a museum, placard, ANYTHING to acknowledge the famous Boston Tea Party...so we reenacted with our Starbucks tea (er, mocha).

While I look quite normal here, I was VERY tempted to lie down in the middle of a fairly busy intersection in downtown Boston to honor those who were killed in the Boston Massacre...ah, such propaganda was portrayed by one Paul Revere as the "massacre" actually only killed 5.
Again, this stone pavement is the only acknowledgment in the city of this event.

This was my interpretation of how the Indians and American soldiers must have felt at Custer's Last Stand out in Montana. Realizing I could quickly be mistaken for dishonoring those who fell here, I was quick in my reenactment...well, as quick as someone who is 5.5 months pregnant :)

Arlan beckoning me onward as we hike through Yellowstone...think Lewis & Clark; he's definitely the guide & I'm the follower!

Isn't Davy Crockett handsome?
It took quite a bit of urging to have him QUICKLY put this on in the store & look like he was ready to storm the Alamo...the Alamo in San Antonio is unique...it's history on one side of the street with Branson-like entertainment on the other...something we were NOT expecting either.

And last but not least...our most recent reenactments:

Haven & I crossing the Delaware River to surprise the Hessian/British troops at Trenton on Christmas Eve, 1776.

Doesn't it look similar to...

hmm...I don't have quite the intense look and my "rower" isn't paying too much attention...

although I tried :)

Haven & I reciting the Gettysburg address

well, there you have it...historical reenactments by the Millers.

if by now you're thinking, "Poor Haven! She doesn't stand a chance!"...

...you're probably right :)

What kind of teacher would not allow you to "brush up" on some of your American history while reading this post?
Links are underlined

08 November 2010

Haven's 1st Birthday party

Saturday night we celebrated with some friends and family at Pizza Ranch here in Morton.
It was a fun night for Haven, who was sporting a lovely black & blue right eye from her cousin Charlee's party the night before.
She got lots of fun toys & clothes and LOVED her special birthday cake-she probably had never consumed that much sugar before!

Here's some pictures....

Haven's friend Megan came to the party!

Aunt Amber & Haven

her new Fridge Farm from A & T Miller & kids

she was fascinated all evening with the pink curly ribbon on top of G & G Miller's present...that was far more fascinating than some of her gifts!

eying her birthday cake while we sing...she starting getting shy while we were singing...something I've not yet witnessed in her 12 months!

digging in!

the older kids playing games

Haven saying goodbye to "Aunt Vicki"

playing with my shopping cart!

daddy seeing how I "measure up" for year 1...no, he is not choking her!