27 April 2012

Friday's Funny ~ FD

Before we headed out to Iowa for the Easter holiday, we enjoyed dinner out with all (minus 2) of the Millers at Famous Dave's in Bloomington.  While they were gracious and gave all 18 of us a larger area to congregate, it reminded us why we don't all go out together in public too often...it was kinda crazy!

23 April 2012

our ESP

What, you may wonder, is an ESP?

Well, it's an acronym for Envelope Stuffing Party and is part of a great organization named Both Hands. Our Bible study topics this semester for the college ministry we volunteer with is themed "Opportunity of Youth". Using their youth, energy and time, we have challenged the ISU group to take party in a work project titled Big Build where they will be helping two widow/er[s] in the Bloomington/Normal community while also fundraising for orphan care with Lifesong for Orphans.

So thus, 1000 envelopes later, our college kids have begun raising support for their work day on May 12. If this is something, you'd like more information about & possibly support us in, please leave a comment and/or email me [arlanandkatie@gmail.com].

Enjoy the craziness! Haven certainly did!

20 April 2012

Friday's Funny...Jericho

Arlan flew back from Iowa after our Easter holiday which left Haven and I to road trip the 9 hours  back to IL a few days later...she is a great traveler and did fabulous!

560 miles
9 hours
Stop 1 - lunch/gas/bathroom
Stop 2 - bathroom
Stop 3 - bathroom/ice cream
4 CD's ~ Veggie Tales, Nursery Rhymes, Silly Songs, Bible Songs
3 movies ~ Thomas, Winnie the Pooh, Lady & the Tramp
1 ~ 2.5 hour nap...Haven that is :)

and many sing alongs...

...and for those of you freaking out...realize, I only needed to flip my rear view mirror down, to get the angle!

17 April 2012


little Aisley Rae
born Monday, April 16th @ 7:33 pm
weighs 6 lbs
18 1/4 inches long

Congratulations Adam & Erika!
my little brother is a father :)

16 April 2012


March 26 & 27 found Haven and I traveling across the state line to visit friends in the great city of Indianapolis and smooch on Greyson & Ellie. Haven loved playing with her friends and showing them what they someday will be able to do...although, they aren't far behind her in many things as they are busy little 1 year olds...busy little one year olds who are about to have an even busier mommy when she brings a sibling into their world this coming Sept!

It was great catching up for a brief night and spending some fun kid time together!
Love you Bahlers!

baby shower & Easter in Lester

Last weekend we traveled back to Iowa for my sister & sis-in-laws baby shower and for the Easter holiday. It was fun to host the shower for the new Mom's-to-be and see all sorts of fun baby things. Erika is due in a few weeks [May 1st] with her little boy/girl [not sure] and Emily is due in early July with a little girl.

The kids also got to open their Easter basket from Grandma Iowa on Saturday night and chocolate & toys were enjoyed by all. Haven also attended an Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday morning with her Daddy while I was at the shower and scored some cool toys there as well...maybe the bunny doesn't even have to come when the hunt proved profitable!

Since it's so much easier to just make a video via Picasa versus choosing pictures and then posting them, here you go...
[sorry my music might have some static from time to time]
[and also sorry I couldn't find both an appropriate Easter & baby shower song together :]

14 April 2012

my brother - an update

Thank you for all your prayers the last several days...it has meant a lot....those seem like average, mundane words but to our family, we are learning to lean on prayer and our Redeemer.

My brother Lonn underwent surgery on Thursday [4/5...click here for the first blog post] and seems to be recovering okay...his wife thought he was doing better than she expected with recovery and he thinks he's not doing as well as he wanted...such perspective, huh?

He returned this past Thursday to Mayo for a follow-up consult and his pathology report from his lymph nodes & margins came back clear of cancer-such a HUGE praise! His next blood work will be done in July to continual test his PSA levels and it will be monitored every 3 months for a year and then every 6 months....probably for the rest of his life.

Again, thanks for all your thoughts & prayers on my family's behalf...not only was it an emotional Easter without Dad, but it was an emotional roller coaster with Lonn's surgery. We appreciate all our friends & family so much.

13 April 2012

06 April 2012

Friday's Funny-wheew!

doesn't this just look like a great way to spend a spring day?!

04 April 2012

2nd annual PVF sale

Last Friday night found the Miller brood helping out Alan and Theresa at their farm for their annual PVF angus sale. It was quite successful and Orlan, Carol, Alan, Theresa, Brandon, Cathy & help put in a lot of work to make what seemed flawless in presentation...keep in mind I would be the least experienced Miller with angus info but I was impressed.

Yummy food, lots of cowboy hats & good friends made for quite a successful evening.

Congrats PVF on a successful sale!

02 April 2012

zoo day

Last Thursday, a few families joined forces to take our kiddos to the Miller Park Zoo here in town.
It was a bit overcast & chilly but not bad enough to not enjoy the tiger, monkeys, science center, sea lions & wallabies.

The kids had a great time and we were quite the spectacle with so many kids...we then ventured to an indoor play land at McDonald's to enjoy lunch.

5 Kaebs + 3 Baners + 4 Millers (I had my 2 nephews & 1 niece) = FUN!