29 April 2011

Friday's Funny-signs

It's a bit hard to read, but too funny not to share what you can actually read...this was an auction item at the first annual Miller/Schlipf silent auction. All proceeds of the random knick-knack items at the family silent auction go to charity. Competitive spirits are a must for this family event :)

I believe this random sign ended up with Amber...or she's at least the one who provided me the picture!

28 April 2011

orlan's surgery

Yesterday, Arlan's Dad, underwent kidney surgery to remove the large kidney tumor/cancer that engulfed his right kidney. The entire kidney was removed along with a larger than anticipated tumor. The urologist seemed pleased that the surgery went well taking into account his amount of blood loss & size of tumor. We are headed to the hospital today and are prayerful he had a good first night with pain controlled and able to rest as he will have a several weeks of recovery. Pathology tests (hopefully received this Friday) will show if the cancer has possibly spread outside the kidney area.

Thanks for your prayers & please continue to pray for:

  • Orlan's pain & that he can slowly but surely begin to regain back movement & functions.
  • Carol as she stays by his side during long hospital days.
  • The grace to accept the outcome of the biopsy report.
I will continue to post updates on Orlan's progress periodically so please check back.
Also, it's been over a month since I've posted on my father & although things have been quite hectic, I do plan on updating soon.


22 April 2011

Friday's Funny-political irony

"Two decades from now, I'm willing to take a look at it, but I'm not willing to take a look at it right now."

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on any changes to Social Security.

[published in World magazine: April 9, 2011]

18 April 2011

miller Easter 2011

Yesterday afternoon, we gathered at Twyla's for our family Easter.
Great food & an Easter egg hunt were in order.

It was breezy but nice enough for the kids to play outside which gave Arlan lots of chances to take some fun pictures of the crazy cousins.

Aunt T's basement is FULL of toys which meant Haven didn't eat a lick ALL night-she was much too busy playing!

Haven begins her Easter egg hunt...

...doing quite well as her er, competitive Mom, "assists" her!

Will did also did very well in the hunt :)

Haven & Will enjoying a few marshmallows from the Easter eggs :)

Levi & the older kids played t-ball

Haven wanted to help while still relishing her Easter baskets :)

Adam had got a rocket stomper for his birthday the weekend before, and it was a great hit with the older kids!

Haven & Will LOVED their sidewalk chalk...Haven's first!
It was like the best of both worlds for Haven-coloring (on something Mommy was okay with :) & being outside!

15 April 2011

Friday's Funny-showing up at a social event dressed alike :)

side note: another gentlemen in attendance that evening at Andy & Jill's house said he had the same/similar shirt in his hand from his closet, and then decided against it :)
Must be the color & season of the year!

11 April 2011

adam's 6th

Yesterday we traveled to PVF to celebrate Adam's 6th birthday party...the whole Miller crew was present ensuring chaos, fun, and great food!

Adam eagerly awaiting his presents....

...and the cousins eagerly awaiting Adam opening his presents!

one of Grandpa's biggest fans, William...

...followed shortly by a few more fans, Charlee & Haven!

Adam loved directing the "happy birthday" song to himself :)

and blowing out the candles of the amazing cake Aunt Vera always makes the kids!
Happy 6th Birthday Adam Daniel :)

Will very much enjoyed Aunt Vera's cake!

08 April 2011

Friday's Funny-new phone

Ahem...she's 17 months and this would be her 2nd cell phone.

Aunt Vonnie, you outdo yourself!

06 April 2011

17 months

Thanks Taryn ~ you're the best!

04 April 2011

five years

Five years~this coming July actually~my husband and I exchanged our wedding vows.

five years. many memories. many moments. many lessons. many blessings.

and one course, one Haven.

This past week we traveled to the beautiful island of Kauai, Hawaii and enjoyed an anniversary trip like non-other...the sights, hiking, resort, amazing dinners...ahh, all was thoroughly enjoyed.

It was a bit longer than I would have liked to leave Haven and by day 3-4, I was pinning for her but as you'll see in a later post, she was well taken care of by her Miller grandparents & our newlywed friends, Holly & Kent.

Lots of pictures so I decided the best way to display them was via video...while I hope you enjoy it, it does happen to be about 3 minutes! Consider yourself warned :)