19 November 2009

3 of 3 ... the cousins meet

So the day after we got home from the hospital, Arlan's sister Cathy went into labor and thus the trio of 3 cousins is now complete. Starting back in late Aug./early Sept. with little Will Miller, there are now 3 little babies in the Miller family. Elijah, Arlan's 5 year old nephew, lovingly calls them "Adam's baby" (aka Will), Arlan's baby (aka Haven), and Cathy's baby (aka Charlee)...here are the 3 darlings during their first meeting last Friday noon at Orlan & Carol's...it is quite humorous as it does seem like you are in the midst of a hospital nursery, but nope-you are just at a Miller gathering! Welcome Charlee Ann...you are quite the precious little bundle & you have terrific parents! Haven looks forward to playing with both her cousins!

Left to Right: Charlee Ann (Nov. 4th), Will Alan (Aug. 28), and Haven Noel (Nov. 1st)

Charlee Ann
6lbs. 8 oz.
18.5 inches
Brandon & Cathy's

sweet little Charlee

and last but certainly not least, Haven got to meet her friend Drew Hodel this past Sunday...needless to say, Haven will have an excellent protector friend! thanks for visiting Drew!

18 November 2009

more of Haven...

Haven has been quite busy these last few days entertaining a number of visitors...thank you to all who have come! She has loved meeting each of you...enjoy!

12 November 2009

Fall Party 2009

The question inevitably comes up..."Wow-Haven came early! Were you ready? What were you doing before she came?" (our actual due date was Nov. 12th with Haven arriving on Nov. 1st) ...well, we actually had hosted about 40 ISU students at our house for a Fall Party-pumpkin carving, apple bobbing, singing...it was great fun! Who knew a mere 3.5 hours after the last person left, my water would break & life as we know it would be drastically changed-for the good mind you, but changed nonetheless! Enjoy some pictures...

Some came in costumes...i.e. Tori & Brittany

...or as in the Richard Simmons ladies from "Sweatin to the Oldies"

With 40 people in our small condo, we made use of every inch of our place, including the garage where the apple bobbing took place.

Shane forming a game plan

but the real winner of apple bobbing was actually Aaron (flannel shirt) who also coincidentally walked into our front door :) Aaron snagged 9 apples in 30 seconds!

pumpkin carving was slow in starting but we got some incredible pumpkins!

the winner is on the far right and was drawn free hand-no template!
Great job Abby & Kimmy!

the ISU kids surprised us by giving little Haven a set of her crib sheets, a darling dress outfit, and the book "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus"...which if you've not read it, go buy it...it's pretty hilarious...since I'm a teacher, they then made me read it :)

last but certainly not least, 2 members of our "fan club" decided to put on a skit depicting Katie & Arlan - they were quite the entertainers & I must say observed our mannerisms quite well!
(Sarah M. is on the left & Polly H. is on the right)

05 November 2009

more pictures

Getting her buckled in for her ride home from the hospital

Haven in her swing...Arlan loves this picture!

Grandma & Haven after Haven's first sponge bath :)

The proud grandparents!

Haven getting her first glimpse of Aunt Emmy.

03 November 2009

introducing Haven Miller

Haven Noel Miller
born 11-1-09
6 lbs. 6 oz
18 1/2 in. long

More pictures to come....