28 November 2013

22 November 2013

Friday's Funny ~ style!

when you got it...you got it :)

15 November 2013

Friday's Funny~I'm glad they're wrong.

Posted in numerous places around the country, Answers In Genesis (the publication out of the Creation Museum), placed this advertisement.  The campaign cost around $200,000.

the ad in Times Square

11 November 2013

08 November 2013

Friday's Funny~a story that's still funny :)

I woke up the other morning & had a smile on my face thinking about my family in Arizona, especially my two "Aunts"...I decided it was time to re-post one of the best Friday's Funnies I've written about our Easter trip to Phoenix 2010.  It's a bit of a read...but oh, such laughter...especially if you know these two crazies!
Love you Aunt Vonnie & Aunt Lo and miss you all!

Click here for the post.

07 November 2013

A Day in Chicago with Grandma

After a fun weekend celebrating Haven's 4th birthday & Grandma Iowa's stay, we decided to treat my Mom to a fun early Christmas present.  You see, in many months to come, our family (prayerfully) will be greatly changed and the opportunity to travel with such ease & experience something such as this is going to come to a screeching halt :)
My Mom always wanted to take her Mom, Grandma D, on a train ride as part of Granny D's legacy was her time spent in Elgin, IL, working at a watch factory and then Bautcher Crafts also in Elgin...thus, Granny D had taken the train back in the 40's/50's and Mom wanted to experience that with her.  While she passed in 2003, I've since wanted my Mom to experience it.  So, we purchased the tickets, found out Macy's on State St. had just decorated their store windows that previous weekend & figured a trip to the American Girl Doll store would also be a neat time for Haven.  It was fun watching both my Mom & my daughter experience downtown Chicago for the first time...I'm not sure who was more fun!  Haven loved the big skyskrapers and also chasing the numerous pigeons on the sidewalk :)  Mom was impressed with how much fun shopping was right along Michigan Ave. as she had assumed it would mostly be businesses/corporate.  Here's a few pictures from our day...it was fun to have my husband take the day off & spend it with us as well!

waiting for the train in Bloomington/Normal...one would never guess that someone (ehem, I'll not name names :) forgot the train tickets on the kitchen counter & thus we made it to the station with approx. 3.5 minutes to spare...good thing we are only 5 minutes from the station :)

Haven's Bitty Baby Holly, of course, made the trip!

we also brought her new card game Spot It along on the trip

one very happy little girl & her Daddy

we took a taxi (Mom needed to experience everything really!) to Macy's on State to see a few of the store displays...the weather was great!  In the 50's, not too much wind & sunny...it can be much, much worse for the Windy City in November!

on our way up to the Walnut Room...

our first glimpse of the large Christmas tree.

Haven got to meet the fairy princess of the Walnut Room, Jada Nicole...she would grant wishes if you closed your eyes and she spinkled sparkles on your head...well, when you are 4, this is about the coolest thing in the world!  Arlan thought she was kinda weird :)

Haven wished for her Uganda sister :)

I wished/prayed for timing :)

We arrived early to get a spot seated next to the giant tree.

We visited Santaland at Macy's...it was quite the wonderland...especially since there were NO LINES! :)

hot cocoa in hand, we began touring some sites...

the old Chicago Library, now the Cultural Center...

...the Bean...

 ...Haven loved going underneath it & jumping up to touch it!

we also wanted to show Grandma Iowa the beautiful, old Great Hall of Union Station

...and by the end of the day (like 4:00ish), we had one tired 4 year old!

01 November 2013

4 years old

It is quite unbelievable how time flies...our little princess turns 4 today.

Haven Noel Miller,
You are the light of Mommy & Daddy's life and we are so humbled and proud to be your parents.
You can make the rainiest day shine and have such an imagination & quick mind that I'm sure you'll keep us on our toes for years to come.  We love you Punkers & continue to pray you'll grow in service & love of our Lord each and every day He blesses you with life.
All our love,
Mom & Dad