27 June 2011

alas...I'm behind

So we have been super busy unpacking, landscaping, cleaning & getting our house in working order...hmm, that last statement seems a bit relative huh? Well, for the most part our new home is feeling like exactly that-home. We are getting more acquainted with things like garbage can placement, light switches, & where things go & why. We even have pictures hung, books on shelves & toys in their place.

Arlan's landscaping looks FABULOUS & even though I hate admitting he was right, I'm glad we pushed hard to do this while he was in between jobs. We love eating outside & hosting so it will come in great use this weekend when we host his Miller/Schlipf family on the 3rd of July and some friends on the 4th. Stop by & see us sometime...we'd love to see you & give you a tour.

Some catching up photos...

Father's Day in Iowa

Doorneweerd/Kellenberger get-together Father's Day 2011

Kellenberger girl cousins

Grandpa playing croquet with ehem, assistance from Haven, Mali & Maden

Our last morning at Robin Ave.

"Is there room for me, Mom?"

Haven's first look at her new home...she wasn't sold right away.

Haven was SUPER excited to see her crib again!

By the end of our 1.5 week landscaping expedition, she basically was known by first name at the Bloomington Lowes...she LOVED playing on their merchandise & I got more than one smile as I wheeled her around the aisles in her "wagon" (aka garden cart).

"there's never room for me anymore!"

and the finished product...although my phone's camera really doesn't do it justice!
My husband worked VERY hard to get this done-great job Arlan!

13 June 2011


Moving...just the mere word right now makes me weak.

I look around and see the boxes slowly start to dwindle...however, the boxes & lack of organization for this teacher (as well as husband) is beginning to unnerve me :)

We have been in prayer mode regarding a potential job change for Arlan for about a year and a half and just this past spring we felt the doors opening fully to resign from Pekin High to accept a position at Watershed Foods in Gridley. Arlan had been at Pekin High for 10 years and felt that the time for our family to make a switch was now. It was a hard decision and not one taken lightly...education is safe & comfortable...it's what Arlan's known for over 10 years and what I've known for 9. Yet, we felt a constant pulling to challenge ourselves & thus enter the business world. We have always respected Lifesong for Orphans (a non-profit orphan advocacy group) in Gridley and wanted to get involved somehow at a closer level. Watershed Foods is a great way to indirectly be involved as it provides a small percentage of it's annual income to support Lifesong. So the better Watershed does, the more it supports orphans! Arlan will be part of the production & process management team...translation = problem solving less efficient areas of food production, making details behind visions happen & making processes run smoother (if this doesn't sound like it's tailor made for my husband, I'm not sure what is!). It will be a HUGE learning curve for him, for us, and Watershed.

We will miss our small condo in Morton...the memories of first being newlyweds, coming home from teaching full days at Pekin High, the many family & friends who we hosted, and bringing our little bundle of joy home for the first time...yet, our new home is also ready for new memories.

Thanks for your thoughts & prayers this past 1-2 weeks-we've felt extremely blessed.

our first home, purchased in June of 2006...don't we look SO young!?

cutting our cake~July 30, 2006

bringing our little girl home~Nov. 3, 2009

catching a little Dragon football after a LONG week of homecoming activities~Fall 2008

our new home~May 2011

06 June 2011

Haven's new friends

Memorial Day was a big day for our Punkers as she met two new friends, Greyson & Ellie.
She didn't show much interest right away, but after a few minutes in, she was smiling & smooching on them! These children have no choice but to be good friends, so they may as well start liking each other now :)

It was great being with you Knapps...thanks for a fun Memorial Day!

03 June 2011

Friday's Funny - who needs playground equipment?

So all one really needs is a stair case & a playful toddler who finds joy in the small things!
Haven ~ you are such a delight!