25 July 2010

overdue Indy

Last weekend we were able to spend a few days with some dear friends of ours, Clint & Alesa. Haven't seen them since last December, we had LOTS to catch up on...so it was a great surprise when Alesa arranged for us to have pedicures together. We then we headed out with Haven and the men to shop a bit and eat-out at a Thai restaurant. Thanks for hosting us Bahler's...we love our time & conversation together!

20 July 2010

random pictures

Haven is 8 months old and I feel like in just the last few weeks has really changed. She has been crawling since mid-late June, but now is everywhere and nothing seems off limits: the bathrooms, the utility room, little nooks & cranies-I find her everywhere! She is also pulling herself up, scooting around while standing, and just today mastered her first stair by herself...such a fun age right now! Enjoy!

Haven & her friend Cade in Mason City

Like mother, like daughter...supposedly I LOVED "helping" my mother unload & load the dishwasher when I was a tyke. [insert: when I emailed this picture to my mother in Iowa, her response was "I actually let you stand on the dishwasher". Hmm...

Mommy helping me with my ABC's.

Doesn't she look so innocent? :)

Grandma & Grandpa and us at my cousin Chelsey's wedding in MPLS.

Daddy & I on Father's Day-his first!

and last but not least, how Mommy found me after she was making me some baby food in the kitchen-I was tuckered! :)

14 July 2010

zoo day

Last Tuesday, July 6th, Haven and I were fortunate to head to the Peoria Zoo with two very special people, Rich & "Aunt" Vicki. Rich is our, well, I guess now only Arlan's dept. chair at PCHS and Vicki is one of our angels who took care of Haven this past Spring when I went back to teach. They are dear friends of ours & although we picked a steamy July day (hey, it was FREE zoo day!), it was great fun to see Haven interact with not only the animals but also with our dear friends. Thanks Schurters-we had a great time!

[side note: yes, in both pictures Haven only has one of her jellies on...note to self: for future occasions in public, when one shoe falls off & you throw it in her bag, just take the other one off as well because EVERY concerned parent will stop you to let you know your child is missing a shoe-endearing yes, but after a while, a little annoying!]

05 July 2010

family time

We were fortunate the past week to spend time with my Kellenberger family in Iowa. Our first stop on our trip was at a good college friend of mine, "Gus" (aka Renae). Gussy is married to Bruce & have 2 darling children, Kylie & Cade. They put us up for the night as we were on our way to Rochester, MN.

This past Spring my Dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer and recently learned it has spread to his bones. We then traveled to meet my parents at Mayo Clinic in Rochester to get a second opinion & my Dad was fortunate to be able to get a new specialized PET scan to determine exactly where & to what degree it has spread. While in early stages of bone cancer, my Dad has 4-5 mild-moderate spots on his back, femur, hip, and rib. Prayers for him & my mom would be greatly appreciated as he continues to learn, adjust & test his faith on a daily basis with this disease.

This was at the hotel with Daddy while Mommy was with Grandma & Grandpa at Mayo Clinic-she loves crawling around on pillows & beds!

After we got back from Rochester, Haven & I went trucking with Grandpa in his big yellow truck! While it was fun to see out, it was even more soothing to ride along as about 15 minutes into her truck ride, Haven decided to take an hour long nap.

Uncle Butch & Aunt Kathy came to visit several nights when we were there...Uncle Butch loved entertaining me!

Grandpa & Grandma at the Fourth of July parade: Mali, Haven, Maden & Macy.

Little Ms. Mali & Haven enjoying the parade.

Haven checking out cousin Maden playing t-ball.

Maden at his season closer of t-ball.