24 April 2013

garage sale ~ pictures!

Okay, my garage is FULL!

Great items including but not limited to
kids clothes (boys & girls), toys, shoes, clothes, shoes, books, puzzles, did I mention shoes?!?!
adult clothes: men's suits, ties, dress shirts, t-shirts, sweaters, purses, scarves, dresses, jackets, maternity clothes
kid's bed rail, child gate, toys, toys & more toys; crib sheets/quilt/bumper pad set (zoo animals)
jogging stroller, double side-by-side stroller
Sesame Street tool bench with tools, Barbie Princess House with dolls, Duplo Bob the Builder Lego set, Step2 sandbox & two ride-on toys
household items: lights, hardware (knobs), window treatments, decor, pictures, etc.

Stop on by...there's something for everyone!

400 Plumage Ct. in Normal
Hours ~ Thurs. 4/25 2-7pm & Fri. 4/26 9-4

garage sale time!

Thursday [4/25] & Friday [4/26]

My house: 400 Plumage Ct.
Hours: Thurs. 2-7pm; Fri. 9-4

Sunsetter 10 X 13 motorized retractable awning; girls clothes 12mo-5T; boy’s infant-4T; lovely adult clothes- GAP, Loft, JCrew, BR-dresses, suits, shirts, coats, ties, purses: men’s S-L & women’s XS-L; Step2 sandbox; Radio Flyer tricycle; double stroller; jogging stroller; maternity clothes; Barbie Princess house, princess d├ęcor, Sesame Street tool bench; baby gear; kids books, puzzles & toys; lots of misc. household; CD collection---mulit-family sale & great prices!  Help bring our daughter from Uganda home!

Neighbor's house: 301 Plumage Ct.
Hours: Thurs. 4-7pm; Fri. 9-4
Girl's clothes: 3T-6; Boy's clothes 6-8; Kid's electronics: game boys, leapsters, & games; canoe book shelf; set of golf clubs; 2 twin beds, frames & headboards; misc. 

19 April 2013

Friday's Funny~a special lady

While our doors swing open to one and all, over the Easter holiday it swung open to a very special lady...Grandma Iowa!  While we had just seen her in California in February, it was a super special treat to have her come out over the holiday & celebrate the Easter season with us.   Below are some pictures from her visit...

 We picked her up in Peoria and then headed home...Haven was asleep when Mom jumped in the car so when she woke up about 10 minutes from home, she got this great big smile on her face when she saw Grandma in the car ;)

 waiting for breakfast...Grandma Iowa may disown me for this picture! :)

dying Easter eggs on Saturday...

 tea parties in the playhouse...Grandma Iowa is so brave-she even climbed up on Haven's swing set & went DOWN the slide!!!

 we toured Watershed with Arlan and then headed to Subway for lunch...

 ...and HAD to stop at DQ on the way home :)

 Grandma showed Haven how to "make cookies" with play-dough

 we went bowling with some NPL bowling passes...Grandma Iowa was quite a bowler in her day but unfortunately even the bumper pads didn't help us beat Daddy---trust me, it still wasn't impressive...Daddy didn't break 3 digits :)

 we made a Starbuck's run before...

...taking Grandma Iowa to the airport :(

Thanks again for coming Mom...it is SO special when you come & we love having you!
Haven's memories from your trip:
1. Grandma went down the slide.
2. Grandma taught me how to blow your wrapper off your straw (at Olive Garden, no less) 
3. Grandma likes to shop!

12 April 2013

Friday's Funny - my helper

"coupon clipping" helper for me  + scissors practice for Haven = WIN-WIN

09 April 2013


This past Friday was the 3rd Annual PVF cow sale...I'm probably not even getting the title right as while we are supportive of our brother & sis-in-law, Alan and Theresa, we have very little to do with the enourmous success & hard work they have put into Prairie View Farm's angus history...we just get to enjoy the sale & take pictures! Congratulations guys on a great sale!
It was a lovely Spring day with great food and a great crowd.

trip to the dentist

In mid-March Haven experienced her first trip to the dentist...she was very brave & very curious about what all goes on at the dentist, instruments used & whether or not it was finally "her turn" in the dentist chair.  Dr. Supan and his hygenists did a fabulous job!

05 April 2013

Friday's Funny~love of...


Should I be worried?  Is this normal for a 3 year old?  Does she just really want a sibling that bad?  Or is this her imaginary friends(IF) named  Euna, Laura, Jella coming to life? 
[fyi: laura is the oldest IF at age 5; Jella is her Ugandan IF; and Euna always seems to have birthday parties so can't recall her current age]
I can't figure it out...she LOVES taking pictures with mannequins & statues, particularly at Old Navy....not that I go there...too much :)

 picture #1: Old Navy

 picture #2: Spare N Share

 picture #3: Bloomington's airport

 picture #4: Old Navy again...although her jacket & hat are the same...oh, no-this is a different picture (check the shoes :)

picture #5: Macy's

picture #6: last Fall at the NPL Halloween party...she was "holding his hand"

picture #7: this kind of counts...last summer at the IL State Fair :)