22 February 2013

Friday's Funny-Jericho

Ms. Molly & Ms. Kathy...this is for you!
[recorded Sat. 2/2/13]

15 February 2013

Friday's Funny-ahem!

something about this picture looks a bit wrong, eh?!

13 February 2013

Chicago trip

Last weekend we spend time up in Chicago catching up with some friends, Bruce & Renae and staying with her folks, Virgil & Mary...it was SO fun!  Virgil and Mary served as my 2nd set of parents almost 13 years ago when Renae & I lived together in Ames and being in thierhome brought back warm, nostalgic memories.  Such a sweet, giving family...thanks again for a fun day and a half!

Mary Poppins in tow & we were ready to go!

Kylie & Haven's recital...Kylie was VERY patient practicing her piano for her grandparents with ahem, a "helper" :)
 We ate such great food while there for 2 days...thanks for sharing your premium chocolate for fondue and your 3 year aged cheddar...yum!!

On Saturday Virgil took the Bergmans, Arlan & I and Darin downtown to the annual International Auto Show...to say it was a fun, cultural experience is an understatement!  Such shiny cars...so MANY cars...and such wealth within the large expo hall of the McCormick Center.  Gus-Gus's childhood dream was to be a car salesman so thankfully her husband of almost 11 years shares her passion of vehicles...this was right up her alley!  Above is the newly designed 2013 Chevy Corvette.
Bruce & Renae trying out he new Chevy Suburban...Brucey LOVES his Chevy's!

 A Bentley Mulsanne...

...I'll let you decided if they were going to let us touch/sit/smell a car this expensive!!!  
It was by far the most expensive car we saw there.

why not try out a Smart car while there?!

 the future of Toyota...an internet concept car with graphic images constantly changing & displayed on the outside of the vehicle...very futuristic!

...and last but not least, my favorite!!!  
The 2013 Honda Odyessy...Gus & I liked it, Arlan was skeptical and well, Bruce...although he owns one, wasn't that impressed :)

 So while we were at the Auto Show, Grandma Mary lovingly stayed home and treated the kids to some fabulous outdoor snow time!  The kiddos loved it, logging about 2 hours outside before Haven's cheeks turned red & tea time called...

 Kylie & Haven during tea time.

 We snuck in a quick shopping trip to the mall after the Auto Show...and found a very tacky Valentine's display in which I coerced my husband to take a picture with him by promising to smooch him in the pic!

 teacher Kylie instructing Haven on her sight words...Haven loved having a "big sister" for 2 days!
[Gus-I ordered that DVD set!]

Mr. Darin & us

 our gracious hosts

  We celebrated Cade's upcoming 3rd birthday with cupcakes & firemen hats!

 It doesn't take much to get Darin in on the firemen fun!

 One tired Sister Bear on the way home Saturday night!

being "prepared"...or something like that

Ahh...I love World magazine...they present such funny, unordinary news snip-its that the mainstream media seems to deem "unworthy" :)
#1~ Clothes racket
Airlines hoping to make extra revenue by charging passengers for overstuffed checked bags weren’t counting on passengers like the one who turned up in China’s Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport in December. Described by authorities as looking like a sumo wrestler, the unidentified man had emptied his bags and put on more than 60 shirts and nine pairs of jeans in order to avoid the over-weight baggage fee. According to press accounts, security officials ordered the man to undress and undergo a full body search before boarding his flight to Kenya.
#2~Your brain on drugs

A decision by a Jersey City, N.J., man not to check his pockets before going to court turned a bad day into a much worse one. Marquis Diggs arrived in family court on Dec. 14 to attend a hearing concerning a restraining order placed on him by his mother. When he checked in, sheriff’s deputies noted that Diggs, 29, had outstanding warrants and placed him under arrest. Then they searched him—and found 32 bags of marijuana in his pockets, for which they re-arrested him and charged him with several drug counts. Then, upon further investigation, deputies discovered that Diggs’ route to court took him through a drug-free school zone, for which they added an intent to distribute within a school zone charge to his ledger.

08 February 2013

Friday's Funny-tumbling

This past fall, I signed Haven up for winter Tiny Tumblers through the Normal Parks & Rec.
It's a great 8 session program to "feel-out" whether your 3-5 year old is well, a tiny tumbler.  Having been in gymnastics myself as a young girl, I of course wanted to see if my prodigy liked what I liked.
So far, Haven has been doing great and always says "this is SO FUN Mom"!  Myself, as an aware parent & constant teacher, love the fact she is getting instruction from someone other than ME!  After last week's session, it appears my daughter does NEED reinforcement in the listening department as she was frequently goofing around and talking...I know!  Wherever does she get that lack of attention from?!?!

 all ready for session 1!

 learning to ahem, SIT while waiting for the other kids to come in

demonstrating her crab walk

06 February 2013

God Made A Farmer

Maybe the only worthy commercial from last Sunday's big game...and that's coming from an Iowa farm girl who only rode in GMC/Chevy vehicles!  [side note: yes, I may now lovingly embrace my Dodge Caravan]

04 February 2013

Bahler buddies

Last week Haven and I traveled out to Indy to visit our little munchkin friends of Greyson, Ellie, and little Olivia.  When us mothers had a moment of peace, it was great catching up with a great friend and watching our children interact and play together (er, more like teaching our children to share:)
Thanks for letting us come stay & play Bahlers-we love you!

 Greyson...such a fun-loving, tender-hearted boy who is ALL boy!

 Ellie...sly, sweet and a very smart little girlie-who also happens to be every bit as strong-willed as my daughter!


and last but not least, little Ms. Olivia...I can't count how many times Haven said "baby Olivia is SO cute" :)
And she IS! {and is a GREAT baby for her very-busy mother, may I add}

enjoying a snack after playing
gotta love what kids can do to entertain themselves :)

a quick trip to Trader's Joes before heading home...

 ...and then crashing in the van!

01 February 2013

Friday's Funny~expressions of Haven

Last week a good friend of Arlan and I's came into town to get her VW Bug worked on and we met up for coffee.  She also wanted to shoot Haven...what do you suppose this mother said!?!?
Of course!

Thanks Taryn...check out her post here.