30 January 2012

special guests

The week before Christmas we had some very special guests over for dinner...Carissa, all the way from Mexico & her sister, Kaleigh....both are Arlan's cousins. It was nice to hear Haven's Spanish books read right for once & Haven loved listening to her voice when reading her Bible stories in Spanish. I have a video, but I promised Ms. Carissa I wouldn't post it!

I can't believe I forgot to post these pictures...thanks again for coming ladies!

27 January 2012

Friday's Funny-big girl bed

For the last 2 months Haven has been sleeping in her big girl bed at night. She loves it in there & usually falls asleep reading books & when I go in to get her in the morning, has books all around her along with her 8 animals: puppy, Geoffrey the Giraffe, elephant, Bruno the black bear, Brownie the brown puppy, prayer bear, Pooh, and Bumble the pillow pet. To date, she has only fallen out of it twice-it was very traumatic!

Aren't kids so precious when they are sleeping?! :)

26 January 2012

aunt "on-ee"

Two weeks ago we had the fun pleasure of hosting (for a not-very fun reason) my Aunt Vonnie from Phoenix. Haven and her are two peas in a pod...they each know what makes the other "tick"!
They both LOVE shopping, shoes, gum, make-up, pretty jewelry, nail polish...oh, the list goes on!

I didn't take very many pictures that weekend but wanted to post them anyway...thanks again for coming Aunt Vonnie! We had such a fun, relaxing time with you & you are always welcome to come again!

dinner at Olive Garden

Sunday morning

23 January 2012

carousel ride

Before the holidays, we spent a Saturday in Champaign with Aunt Amber. We did a little holiday shopping, had lunch & hung out at her place. Haven also instantly spotted the beautiful carousel at the mall when we first walked in & thus her first ride...she loved it!

19 January 2012

17 January 2012

snow fun!

Ahh...finally! We got our first snow fall last Thursday & Friday and Haven, now 2, had such a ball playing in it, "helping me" shovel the driveway & sledding down our front hill & backyard. She is at such a fun age where that gleam in her eye & excitement of snow is so special!

16 January 2012

new cousins are coming!

Announcing the exciting news of two Kellenberger cousins:

cousin 1: due to arrive late April/early May to my brother, Adam & his wife, Erika

cousin 2: due to arrive late June/early July to my sister, Emily & her husband, Mike

Grandma Iowa is going to have a crazy & fun year with her new grand babies!

11 January 2012

my friends

Aren't these two just the smooch-iest darlings!?