28 March 2009

The Aunts & Mom

Last weekend, Arlan and I were privileged hosts to my dear mother from Iowa (far right) and also her two sisters, Lois & Lavonne (from left). Let's just say it was quite entertaining! All three flew in for a funeral [friend of their mom's in Eureka] on Friday and stayed until Monday. It was great! From the Mennonite Relief Sale (which they thoroughly enjoyed catching up with the vast array of AC attenders) to shopping on Saturday to Gridley church on Sunday, I'm pretty sure Central IL will not be the same...it was such a pleasure hosting all of you at once...please, make this an annual trip!

Lois has a knack for finding the stresses in your life...all from your feet!
While painful, it is helpful :)

My mom & me

03 March 2009

Let's Rodeo San Antonio!

Valentine's weekend saw the Miller's whisked away to the fun city of San Antonio, TX! We have always kind of had this city on our "let's visit someday list". Arlan surprised me at Christmas time with this trip & rarely in the education world does Valentine's Day fall over the lovely 3-day weekend called President's Day (yeah for Abe & George)! While we hoped for a bit warmer weather, the low 60s proved quite nice for some sight seeing on the famous Riverwalk, the Alamo, botanical garden, and some great grub in San Antonio.

Quite a famous shot from the river boat tour of the first restaurant, Casa Rio, to open on the Riverwalk.

Valentine's dinner on the Riverwalk...some of the best seafood we've tasted!

La Villeta - a quaint, historic village filled with small shops, crafts, and artwork.

The Alamo - while it was okay to walk around and look at, it wasn't what it's cracked up to be (think Gatlinburg or Branson). There were a few neat historic items but for the most part, quite disappointing. And for all of you out there who thought the Texans so bravely defeated the Mexicans at the Alamo battle...they lost. Sorry if this ruins your day!

And who can go to San Antonio without experiencing smoked baby-back ribs!

FYI - the post title comes from Arlan's phrase of the weekend...there apparently (from all the wranglers and ropers we saw) was a national rodeo in town and a huge banner flying from the tallest hotel in downtown proclaiming "Let's Rodeo San Antonio"! You can imagine how much fun Arlan had with that phrase :)