31 August 2011


Two weeks ago, Arlan rode out for a quick trip to Lester with his parents. My Miller in-laws & my parents...it hadn't happened for some time & it was a nice visit for my Dad. He even was able to get in his pick-up and ride around the countryside with Orlan & Carol. Haven LOVED having both grandparents there together!

26 August 2011

Friday's Funny-Schurters

Haven loved reading with "Itch" & "Vi-kehy"...thanks for coming over a few weeks ago...we had a ball! And Haven LOVES her princess cup :)

21 August 2011


Gotta love Kent & Holly...thanks for staying over & catching up!
We, especially Haven, had a great time!

19 August 2011

Friday's Funny - an afternoon at the pool

A few weeks ago, I took Haven to the Gridley swimming pool and of course, she had a ball. This girl is NOT afraid of water & kept watching the big kids jump off the diving board while instructing them "ready...go!". My video didn't pick up her bossy instructions but it shows her having a swell time in the little kids area. She likes it okay in there but would much rather be where the big kids are...in fact, I spent the majority of my time trying to explain why she's not quite big enough yet to jump off the diving board herself! :)

16 August 2011


When we moved to our new place 2 months ago, one of the first things my husband and mother-in-law commented on in our backyard was our nice sized butterfly bush in our flower garden..."you just wait", Carol said, "they'll come"...and sure enough, while Haven and I were enjoying a lovely lunch/picnic out back, fluttering around the bush & deck were 3 lovely yellow-tail butterflies! It was such fun watching the gleam in her eyes & Haven shrieking with delight!

I even took a stem off the bush in hopes of "catching" one & Haven actually almost had one land on her little branch...except she was so busy squealing with delight that it was so close to her, the butterfly ended up flitting back to the bush! Grandma Iowa ~ we needed your butterfly catchers!

...no idea where she gets such excitement from!? :)

waiting "patiently"....

wanting to give up...

...rewarded for her diligence & super excited!

our beautiful visitors...look really hard...their there!

[I mean really?...who has time to run in & get your camera when ones' phone is right beside you?]

10 August 2011

GW sale

We had no more than walked into an auction tent last Saturday, when one of our college boys/now alum whisked Haven away to go "check out" the merchandise...I'm not sure who had more fun....Haven bossing those boys around from one toy to the next OR the boys who lovingly played along every time she said "Sit down" :)

Thanks guys!

Sadly, Haven went home with none of the above merchandise but isn't it great to know there were SO many John Deere options!

09 August 2011


Haven has been having lots of company lately and has been loving having playmates to play with!

We had our realtor, Willow, and her husband and kiddos over for a meal to thank her for hanging in there with us over a 5 month period! Here are her kids, Travis & Mia.

And we stopped one day to play with cousin Will & have lunch with them.
It's not a very clear picture but Haven & Will decided to haul these 2 doll chairs down from upstairs & proceed to climb all over them while Little Ms. Boss kept telling her cousins to "sit down" :)

07 August 2011

a weekend in Leo

We headed east last weekend to visit some friends & attend the annual Gateway Woods Auction in Leo, IN. It was great fun to catch up with our friends Stu & Daisha and have Haven play with their boys, Creed & Trek. Haven had such a great time & we enjoyed our stay...thanks guys-we love you!

crazy times!

05 August 2011

Friday's Funny-playing with the cousins

While doing corn this past Monday, you never knew what the boys were going to be toting Haven around in...it started with just riding on the scooter & then riding in the wagon & then riding on the scooter hooked on to the wagon! She LOVED it!