27 August 2013

state fair 2013

Before kiddos headed back to school, Haven and I spent a day at the IL State Fair with G & G Miller, Aunt Ambo & a few cousins.  It was the Angus Open Show so we also got to see a PVF heifer win a division and Uncle Alan show.  It was a picture-perfect summer day for the fair and we ate some great food and got in on some fun activities.

Haven & William at the FFA petting zoo

waiting for the cart races to begin

We got in on a few rounds of the horse show.

Haven trying her hand at putt-putt at the Dairy Barn...kids earn letters by playing games and when they spell something with dairy in (yogurt, butter, etc), they get a free glass of ice cold milk!

Amelia stayed with us while her folks headed home so she & Haven got to see the Budweiser Clydesdales all harnessed up...it's pretty impressive to see a team of 8 large beautiful horses!

Some church had free face painting so of course Haven got in on the action & chose...

...a rainbow!

23 August 2013

July update...although it's mid/end of August :)

While July has come & gone, and August is in full-swing, it is time (eh-hem, past albeit) to update the dear blog.  This task has been put on the back burner for quite some time and now the task seems quite daunting...but without further procrastination, here is my attempt...

One word sums up July---travel.  Every weekend saw us hitting the road for different travels and while it is great to be back in our own beds for most of August :), it was so neat to reconnect with many friends.

a summer night of catching fireflies

 Arlan & his family finished a patio project at his folk's place...they did a great job!

 Arlan & I enjoyed a long weekend get-a-way to Florida...it was a great trip & something that probably won't happen again for quite some time.

walking back from the beach

a favorite of ours in Naples is a place called Old Naples Pub where they have Trivial Pursuit cards to play with while you wait...who wouldn't LOVE that!

uninterrupted dinner conversation...it was lovely!

and what did Ms.Havers do while we were gone...oh, don't worry...she was well taken care of...she spent some time with the Baners

 where she got some new bangs :)
and also time at G & G Miller's & Auntie Vera's....she had a swell time.

the end of July brought the end to Tuesday night Bloomington church Family Baseball...which she loved!  
Here she is with a few of her friends...

it's quite a few kids :)...

Coach Kory & Coach Daddy helping her out...

everyone high-fiving at the end :)
it is really quite hilarious!

We also took in the Livingston Co. rodeo with Aunt Amber & friend Callie

waiting for the buckin broncos to start!

 it was a hot night and while Haven really wanted to see the barrel racing, we didn't quite make it past 9:00pm :(

We then headed to Family Camp in NE Indiana at Quaker Haven...the last time we went, I was pregnant with Haven so it was fun to get back there & reconnect with many families.  Haven loved the singing & Bible lessons.

and of course, it didn't hurt that her friend Reese was there as well.

Haven and I kayaked

 and went out in the boat with the Baner girls...screaming was very common!

this is Haven's new friend Alieen...the Baner's had an intern/exchange student from Mexico who got to enjoy their summer travels and she was so sweet with Haven...we miss you Aileen!

and another highlight of this trip was Haven got to camp...even in extremely hot & humid weather this one was a trooper!

Sunday morning at the dock

 and now just a daily glance into the life of Haven...she loves to draw lately & is making quite the artwork...rainbows & flowers are her favorite.

 and who couldn't pass up a dress-up cheer outfit at a garage sale?!
I mean $.25?  really?!

and every now & then she loves being a ballerina/fairy/princess :)

 rainy summer day

Who knew Lowly worm was in his apple car at Walmart?!  too fun!

 another garage sale find...a travel desk!  
I'd been waiting to find one of these as we are forever picking up books, crayons, etc while we travel and I found two of them!

a summer morning with sidewalk chalk

puppy's feet were cold so he needed socks :)

 summertime gold!

 Arlan was diagnosed with tenditis in his one foot so Haven helped him out with his stretches :)

sometimes I let her dress herself...but not too often :)


 a beautiful summer evening for a singing with our college kids in Uptown Normal

 a fun lunch date with the blondies of Ezra & Elijah!

 Haven was occupied with her books on CD's for several hours one morning so Mommy got lots of cleaning done!

a fun swim date to Anderson pool with our Stickling friends

Then in late July we headed to Indy for our out-of-state friend's group...we do two weekends a year-one with kids and one without...this was the one with kids and it was quite fun & chaotic all at the same time!
One family was unable to join us as they had just had their 4th child so while we could have been 12 adults + 20 kids strong we were only 10 adults + 16 kids :)  
Here I am with Liam (Joel & Amber's oldest)

Haven and Ellie (Clint & Alesa's older girl) playing

a myriad of kiddos...looks like a Kaeb, two Bahlers and I'm a guessing Virkler #2?

Some of us headed to the zoo on Sat. morning & then we all gathered at a park & splash park for the afternoon & dinner.  Later that evening the guys got to hang out kid-less while the moms took the kids to the hotel pool to swim.  On Sunday afternoon, it was us ladies turn to be kid-less and we headed to Broad Ripple in Indy for some window shopping & coffee...this was what texted to us while we were out. :)

 quite the engaged gang, eh?

We then attempted the unthinkable and took our party of 26 out to eat at a pizza place!
Here are some attempts of the kids table...

 the adult section...

along with a few toddlers :)
L to R: Greyson & Ellie Bahler & Aiden Virkler

little Olivia Bahler...isn't she darling!?  She's almost 1!

 and here's Haven after going strong for 1.5 days...she fell asleep on my lap at the pizza place.
I kind of liked it...I can't remember the last time that has happened!

And while the last travels we took were technically in August, I'm including them here...we headed out to Taylor, MO, to catch up with our friends, the Kurz's...Hannah & Haven had a swell time playing together and although Hannah is 5.5, she was super patient & fun with our 3.5 year old munchkin...they hit it off well!


before bedtime...books are loved by both girls!