25 December 2011

merry christmas

yes, yet again...we have a crying toddler who refuses to smile nicely with Santa!
Just the other day, I asked her "Haven, why don't you like Santa Claus?
Her smart reply, "I like Mommy instead" :)
Ahh...such a smart girl!

Merry Christmas from the Millers

20 December 2011

isu christmas party

This past Thursday night we hosted our college kids for their annual Christmas party. They were all done with finals & looking forward to their holiday break so this is their last big horrah before heading back to their home towns...and quite the horrah it was! An early estimate put the number at about 30-40 kids, which I figured I could easily handle...however, I should have known with finals being over & their break beginning, more were going to show up...and they did as we shoved, pushed & feed about 60 total that night...I know, I know...I'm kinda crazy!

It was a great, fun-filled night of food, carols & games. Also included in our fun evening was a white-elephant gift exchange were some of the more "stolen" items included: a princess basketball hoop set, a saucer/sled, someone's license plate (car NOT included), $20 Walmart gift card & Ghiradelli chocolate. As the video shows, Haven was well loved all night!

Thanks to the other mentor couples who helped out tremendously...I couldn't have done it without them!

Enjoy your break guys & gals & see you next semester!

18 December 2011

lovely ladies

This past Tuesday, my friend Ashley and I hosted a holiday tea at The Tea Room at the Depot in Mackinaw. It was a lovely time of catching up, reflecting & spending time with some quality ladies from Gridley church. So often we don't get/have the time on Sundays to spend time asking questions with some of the older, wiser ladies and this was a perfect setting.

Thank you Katie, Carolyn, Marty & Anna Marie for your conversation, time & wisdom.

16 December 2011

Friday's Funny - eric the babysitter

Eric, one of our college kids, comes & plays with Haven 2 days a week while I go to the gym.
I get my cardio in & he walks away with some home cooked food...it's a great trade-off!
Thanks to Eric she now says "woot-woot" & can say (and now identify) a certain teenage heart-throb by the name of Justin Beiber!

11 December 2011

monkey pile

Hannah, Kaitlin, Emily & Chase...and Havers!

While in Iowa over Thanksgiving, we had dinner with some friends that Haven got to know when Papa Iowa passed. Some family friends & their kids (above) took such fabulous care of our Toodles that I didn't worry even once while we shuttled her there, here and everywhere during Dad's last days. Chad & Sandi...we are so grateful!

09 December 2011

Friday's Funny - gotta love the Clones!

Thanks for my new Cyclone shirt, Cade & Kylie!
Go Clones!

07 December 2011

tuesday tales

Every Tuesday at 10:30 am the Normal Public Library holds Tuesday Tales...a 30 minute time of songs & books. We attended our first Tuesday Tales this past week & Haven loved it...while she started off a bit shy & reluctant, she definitely picked up steam and confidence by the end and was eagerly clapping her hands and answering questions.

05 December 2011

miller thanksgiving

While Haven and I stayed in Iowa with my family, Arlan came back to Illinois for work & spend some time with his family at their Thanksgiving. Looks like quite the time was had by all! Thanks Aunt Twyla for hosting!

William & Charlee

the very fun & intense "don't let the ping-pong ball drop" game

another intense ping-pong game :)

Mr. Grey (Janelle & Brent's)...isn't he getting so big!?

the Grandma's with Grey & Addi (Jeremy & Rachel's)

02 December 2011

Friday's Funny - Grandma's cart

So if you read my last post, you'd realize shopping with my mother in her current handicapped state & my 2-year old daughter isn't exactly the easiest thing in the world...but with several laughs, several bumps/crashes, and hooking both a table & clothes rack in Children's Place within 30 seconds of each other, we survived a 1/2 day shopping at both Target & the Empire Mall in Sioux Falls.

If you are curious:
1. the Empire's motorized carts are WAY better than Targets.
2. Targets carts actually beep when you back up...just like construction trucks!
3. the mall's carts have two speeds: rabbit & turtle...I'll let you decide which speed my Mom used.
4. Yes, much to Mom's chagrin, we did see people we knew!
5. Mom could actually go faster (when on rabbit speed, of course) than I could walk pushing Haven in a stroller laden with bags...she liked that!