16 November 2012

13 November 2012


Haven had a double header birthday party this year...we celebrated with some special friends on Friday night and then again with the Millers on Sunday.  Since Haven and her cousin, Charlee, are 3 days apart (Nov. 1st and Nov. 4th), the girls will probably celebrate many more special birthdays together.

the day of her birthday...Grandma Iowa, Haven and myself went to E. Peoria and had lunch with my great-aunts [I forgot to get a picture-ugh!]

Her Daddy brought her home an obnoxiously large Cinderella balloon [which she is still toting around]


we then had dinner at Chili's 

before Haven headed to ISU Bible study with her Daddy and Grandma Iowa and I went to...

 Mary Poppins!!!  To say it was fabulous is a huge understatement!
Early Merry Christmas Mom :)

 ready for a party!

Haven and her friend Reese

 my first, and maybe last, attempt at a double layer cake

 Haven, and Tami :), checking out her new puzzle

 Reese & Elle were great friends to have at the party...although older than Haven by 2 & 4 years, they are great 'big sisters' to play with!

 the obnoxiously large, yet super fun house Kent & Holly gave Havers

 cousins!!!  Haven, William & Charlee

 the chaos of presents!

 Haven thanking 'William' :)

 Charlee opening her camera from Haven

 cousinly "help"

the Miller cousins: [L to R]
Will, Charlee, Elijah, Ezra, Adam, Haven & Amelia
the basement was hopping!

Aunt Vera outdid herself again this year with a darling cupcake cake for the girls!
see?  Why would I attempt another double layer cake when Auntie can do this!?

 the birthday girls~Happy 3rd Birthday!

and then, after 9 fun-filled days, we had to sadly say goodbye to Grandma Iowa :(

09 November 2012

Friday's Funny~an interview with Haven

Now that she is 3, I thought it would be fun & a great memory to interview our little ball of energy!
[I was given this  idea by my friend Katie]

So while waiting for our 3 year well-"baby" check-up, here's what our little smarty pants thinks about life right now! [FYI: these are verbatim answers!]

Favorite Foods: watermelon, strawberries, pizza, Apple Jacks, apple juice & broccoli
Favorite Books: The Bernstein Bears, Go Dog Go, Leo Lionni, Disney
Favorite Color: purple & pink
Favorite Shape: parallelogram & a circle
Favorite thing to do: paint, [go to the] library & museum, zoos
Favorite movie: Tangled, Veggie Tales
Favorite Friends: Will, Charlee, Ezra, Reese & Elle, Tami & Holly...oh & Aubrey & Jessica
Favorite outdoor activity: swim, ride bike, go to a park
Favorite toy: arts & crafts, kitchen
Favorite Stuffed Animal: Geoffrey [the giraffe], Puppy
Favorite Bible Story: Moses & the Burning Bush
Favorite animal: giraffes & zebras
Favorite trip this last year: Iowa, the beach
Favorite Princess: Cinderella
Favorite train: Thomas & Emily
People to be with: Aunt Vera, Grandma Iowa, Mommy, Daddy, cousins & college friends
What I want to be when I grow up: a mermaid, fairy, butterfly or a princess

08 November 2012

catching up...again

The last several weeks have been a whirlwind around here...a weekend get-a-way, Grandma Iowa & the Aunts visiting, Halloween, Haven's birthday-whew!  I'm tired...but I wouldn't trade any of that for the sleep I've lost.  I'll try & only post a few pictures per event.

Haven enjoyed a mid-October play date with her new friend David at the Children's Discovery Museum & then with Greyson & Ellie at the museum later in the day.

 David & Haven

 an impossible attempt to get Ellie, 6 week old Olivia & myself in a shot

 Alesa & her twins

 aren't they just the cutest kids ever?!?!

 Haven and her water toys!

Our friend group then got together at the end of October for a weekend in Chicago.  It was a great little get-a-way and many laughs were had by all.  It was also fun visiting Chicago church that Sunday-lots of great faces to catch up with!

 the newest member of our group, little Olivia Bahler-while she sure is cute, Olivia-how should I say-didn't exactly appreciate Chicago :)

we stayed in Oakbrook and took the train downtown

 so cute & cuddly

 breakfast at Cosi

 the train ride downtown

 "great" conversation, huh?!

 oh Clint...ya gotta love those doctors!  they can fall asleep on the drop of a dime!

 Kory running off the great food!

 our group [minus myself & the Virkler's]
[L to R] Alesa, Clint, Arlan, Kory, Jon, Megan, Ashley, Rob & Kim

So who was in charge of Haven while we were in Chicago, you ask?  Well, she was left in the "capable" hands of my Mom and the duo of her sister's, lovingly referred to as "The Aunts"!  I'm not sure who had more fun-Haven or them!  While they were again not incident free [ask sometime about their Target ordeal], it was great having all three out for the weekend.

 a coffee date with Grandma

 on the way to the Gridley Hog Roast

saying goodbye to Aunt Vonnie & Aunt Lo

My Mom then stayed out the rest of the week to take part in many lunch & coffee dates with Haven and I!  It was so fun having her here for the week-it's great for her wisdom but more than that, it's just good to be with a best friend who I can share anything & everything with...thanks again Mom!  It is ALWAYS special to have you here!
Haven introducing Grandma Iowa to Veggie Tales

we carved pumpkins

and then got ready for trick-or-treating...while her costume was labeled "Cleopatra", I would prefer a more upright character for my daughter to dress up as...thus she said she was an Egyptian Princess, while I figured more along the lines of Moses' Mom :)

 she's a princess alright!  love.her.

and the neighborhood did NOT disappoint with candy output :)

we also decided to head to the Crossings & trick-or-treat to her college friends!
Aren't we pathetic?  Asking poor college kids for candy? :)

Eric decided Haven needed a whole bag of candy...

...look at her?!! She can hardly believe it's all hers!!!

I'm out of time this afternoon so I'll do a serperate post on the birthday party craziness!!!