22 June 2010

here you go my sister...

So according to some family members (we won't mention names, will we Em?), it is past time to update some pictures...so here we go!

Some more Florida pictures

My friend Drew Hodel came over to visit-it was fun but you can probably tell who had the better time :)

A Sunday morning photo shoot.

One of my favorite activities!

The 3 Amigos at cousin Ezra's birthday party.

And guess what I'm getting oh so close to accomplishing?!

06 June 2010

more to come...

While we are on the down swing of vacation (isn't vacation wonderful), I wanted to post just a few pictures for family & friends out there wondering how little toodle-bugs is liking Florida...more will come later this week!

Haven meeting Shamu at Sea World

Haven pool side with her new Shamu friend.

Relaxing at the condo in Naples.

Haven's first view of the ocean!

She loves swimming & is QUITE the pool chick :)