26 September 2008

Homecoming at Hogwarts

Yep, that's right...PCHS' 2008 theme is Homecoming at Hogwarts! This next week (9/29-10/4) is going to be a whirlwind of spirit dress-up days, contests, class games, float-building, a parade, football game, and culminating in the all-important homecoming dance on Saturday night. And yes, yours truly, gets to take part in each & every activity (Arlan is Student Council sponsor). Some of these activities include:
  • broom races
  • bobbing for apples in a cauldron
  • dressing like Harry Potter (cloak, broom, glasses, and lightening scar included) and running through an obstacle course which culminates in a quiddich match (minus the flying).
  • dressing like your favorite professor
  • class color days ... seniors - Gryffindor red & gold; juniors - Slytherien green & silver; Sophomores - Ravenclaw blue & bronze; and the poor freshman are Hufflepuff black & yellow
  • tug of war
  • entrance to the dance meets at platform 9 3/4 :)
Oh yes, it is should be a great week! I'll post pictures as the week progresses...we are planning on having a slow weekend to rest up for next week!

So all my blogging friends...what event looks most interesting to you?

22 September 2008

Kaleigh's Birthday party

Last night we had the privilege of sharing our Sunday evening with Bamber, Sarah Drake (Bamber's roommate) and the birthday girl herself, Kaleigh Schilpf. Arlan only has 4 first cousins (yep, you read right, he only has 4 first cousins...on both sides of the family!), so spending Schlipf time together is great fun! The girls & us headed out to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings in E. Peoria, played The Office DVD board game, and sat around chatting, drinking hot cocoa. It was great fun & even better to hear their hearts. Thanks for sharing a fun night with us ladies!

P.S. - I have 39 first cousins...on ONE side of the family!

21 September 2008

My Parents

This past weekend was spent with my parents, Verlyn & Linda Kellenberger. Any time I get to spend with them (or any of my family) is a treasure. I look forward to it for days, soak it up during their stay, and then long for another trip home or visit here. The only similar sentiments I've experienced was as a kid longing for Christmas Day or my birthday. Being 8 hours from my home, I always realize the sacrifice & time spent traveling to good ole' Morton, IL. We enjoyed dinner with two of my Dad's aunts Friday night at Jonas in E. Peoria; journeyed to Tanner's Orchards Saturday morning for some yummy apple cider, fritters, and well, apples; went shopping a bit Saturday noon at Shoppes at Grand Praire and then had a special visit with another one of my Dad's aunts at Restmor here in Morton. Although we spend quite a bit of time chatting on the phone week after week, I always LOVE spending time together! Thanks again for coming Mom & Dad...WE love you!

This picture was taken last Christmas day 2007...aren't my Dad's farmer gloves cool?!

15 September 2008

Top 10

Last evening was our Ukraine reunion held at Gary & Marla's house; videos were watched, memories were shared, Gary's jokes were laughed at, tears were wiped away, songs were lifted to God. It is always so humbling how miles & miles separate our dear Lifesong team(s) and yet prayer puts us within the same room.

Which brings me to blog my love & admiration for the couple that introduced me/us to a ministry with great heart, great purpose & great well, orphans...Gary & Marla Ringger are some of my/our favorite people. I won't soon forget first meeting Marla when I moved to Gridley; I'm pretty sure we got to know each other over coffee & donuts in the good ole' Gridz AC lunchroom...the rest has been history. Marla has been an important confidant, mentor & "mom-away-from home" and has seen me through joys, and sorrows, hugs and tears. Gary also has played a very important teaching role in Arlan's life...as a mentor, disciple, and comic. Arlan sometimes likes to act like "Gary" every now & then, quoting some great Gary lines.

Top 10 Reasons Gary & Marla are GREAT!

10. Gary has such great humor, great hair, and new great glasses.
9. Singings at their barn or around their piano are some of the best.
8. the number of great, fun grandchildren.
7. Trivial Pursuit is ALWAYS entertaining with them.
6. They like to think of themselves as great "match-makers".
5. They are super generous.
4. Marla has great fashion style.
3. 2 words: swimming pool
2. Marla is a GREAT cook! (thanks for the "snacks" last night)
and the #1 reason Gary (sometimes referred to as Harry) and Marla are great....

Both serve a GREAT & almighty God daily

Any more reasons, I'd/we'd LOVE to hear them...they just have to be GREAT!

09 September 2008

Woe is Kate

So I once again find myself "under the weather"...whether it is actually the change in weather or just our crazy schedule's or crazy teenage germs, I have another cold. By about 4th hour (11:25am - 12:20pm) my body begins to ache & I can hardly breathe. Today during lunch, Arlan had a "great" solution - if I take a Benadryl, my nose won't run very much & I'll feel better. Well, I did feel better by approx. 1:00pm, but by about 1:30pm, I was getting very sleepy, inpatient (not good for a teacher with one more period of the day), and very lethargic. It was a true miracle we made it home...just in time for me to hit the couch in a stupor. Sleep, juice, sleep, hot tea...the cycle continues...ugh!

02 September 2008

Thresherman's Reunion & Old Chicago....

...all in one day! My cousin Betsy Doorneweerd came to visit last weekend over Labor Day! It was so super special. Saturday was spent on the historic Washington Square window shopping and Sunday afternoon was spent at the 60th annual Thresherman's Reunion in Pontiac, IL...yep, that's right - 60 years of old tractors, old relics, old junk, and old men! We (Arlan, Bets, and I) were privileged to accompany Orlan & Carol and Auntie Vera to Pontiac to witness this cultural event!

After a short road trip, we met up with some more friends on the Peoria riverfront to enjoy Old Chicago pizza. Hmm...only in Midwest would both of these lovely events happen in the span of a few short hours.

Old tractors

Old tractors

Old men :)

Old junk

uhm...bed pans anyone?

Schlipf family picnic 08.24.08

Usually our get-togethers are called Look-at-Carissa parties...now they are Welcome home Carissa parties & Look-at-Levi parties!

July 19 birthday buddies!

Jeremy Schlipf & cousin Tom Miller

Sean (on right) is building a new barn...courtesy of barndesign.com...not kidding!
Brent (architect extraordinaire), Janelle & Jeremy offer wisdom!