19 August 2009

it's back

So I have been putting off this post for several days...

1. maybe hoping it wouldn't happen
2. anxious/anticipating its happening
3. nervous about if I'd be ready for it to happen
4. trying for one sweet, last summer day to escape to "ideal" world and not reality

...but without further ado, it's here...and the "it" is school. Don't get me wrong-we've had a blessed, fun-filled summer, with lots of traveling friend and family time, remodeling, and just about everything else you can fit in a summer of 2 1/2 months but well, yeah know, as an educator, one is usually never ready to go back. New students, new relationships, new challenges, new joys...the unknown. We survived several hours of back-to-school meetings, setting up our classrooms (a new, much bigger one for Mrs. Miller), Dragon Day (the freshman welcome Mr. Miller is in charge of), and now our first full day with all our students. Both of us are continuing to teach both U.S. History & World History so that hasn't changed yet we are already finding ourselves longing for our summer days when we get to selfishly choose what to do vs. the grueling/demanding pace of teenagers & education...oh, we are so human! The rest of my blogging friends are thinking "good, those Millers finally have to go back & do what the rest of the world does-serves them right!" but until you're an educator, it's just not the same....so thanks for listening to me, thanks for your prayers, and here go Mr. & Mrs. Miller off to another year of educating our youth :)

04 August 2009


Last week my husband and I spent the last few days of what remains of our precious summer respite in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. It was a great time to get-a-way & much needed for my high-energy husband especially after he undertook our home remodeling project. While the resort just ranked "okay" in our mind, the beaches, sand, and ocean are going to be hard to be beat! It was so wonderful! We literallly spent all day inside/outside our little bungalow on the beach only a few feet away from the ocean waters. Our baby girl never had it so good! :) Enjoy some pictures...

our flight there...

the above picture is the Punta Cana airport...literally, it is completely open & has the largest ceiling fans Arlan & I have ever seen!

dressed up for dinner at the Italian resturant

the Japanese resturant

our beautiful beach

our cute little bungalow

one of Arlo's favorite places...our hammock on our patio

...and last but not least, as is Miller custom on vacation, a beautiful sunrise over the Atlantic!

joy's suprise!

A few Saturdays ago we had the privilege of being invited to a dear friend's surprise 50th! I love surprises (especially when I know the secret) and it turned out great...Joy was completely surprised! The summer party was great & the weather could not have been better...I don't have too many pictures but wanted to pay homage to my special friend...we love you Joy & wish you many more birthdays!

Joy's band ended up playing on the dock at Lake Bloomington...it was such a great night!