08 December 2009

grandma & grandpa Kellenberger

Last weekend my parents flew in from NW Iowa to smooch on our little Haven...it was great having them here. Not only did it help they flew (which means much more time together) but also that we got to spend the entire day in Gridley church together-Haven's first full church day! It is so sweet to see them interact with her, especially my Dad as his new goal is getting Haven to smile as often as he can-it is so endearing. Thanks for coming Mom & Dad and see you in 2 weeks for Christmas!

02 December 2009

Happy Birthday sisters

Today is not only my biological sister, Emily's birthday, but it is also my sister-in-law Theresa's birthday. Let me tell you a bit about each of these special sisters in my life...

Emily is my only sister and older than me by 4 years. She and I look nothing alike as she has sandy brown hair (you'd never know this as her hair changes color & shades frequently-much to my mother's chagrin), no freckles, and slighly wavy/curly hair. However, many say, if you just close your eyes and listen, her and I are almost identical as our mannerisms and "sayings" are usual about the same. I followed in my sisters footsteps for many years and was her constant source of "slave labor" as what mom wanted her to do for chores, usually meant Katie ended up doing it. Then I got smart and realized just because Emily "told me to do it", didn't mean I had to! Her and I gave our mother many frights as we ended up spending our younger years fighting over chores, Barbies, etc.; when we got to high school however, this changed as both of us being in marching band colorguard forced us to get along & I've enjoyed our friendship ever since.
Emily is a special sister who is the dramatic one of the family-I always told her she missed her calling in life and should have been an elementary school teacher as she tells the BEST stories, complete with noises, sounds, impressions, etc. Emily got married 3 months before I (don't remind my parents of this bank-breaking fact), works at the VA Hospital in Sioux Falls, SD, and lives back in NW Iowa. Although many miles seperate us, her and I do try and keep in touch. She was the first family member in the door after the birth of our daughter with a huge "surprise" smile on her face-this is a special memory of mine & one I'll treasure for a long time. I love you Emily & through our ups & downs, you will always remain my big sister! Happy Birthday!

Theresa married Arlan's only brother Alan, so that gives us both the bond of "Millers" by marriage. I'll never forget the first time I met her when Arlan and I were engaged...we drove to their home in LeRoy to tell his brother & her and Theresa wasn't home. She drives up an hour later, gets out of the car with 2 kids in tow, orders pizza, and blops herself down in their kitchen and we begin to chat...it was like we had known each other our whole life. Theresa has a special knack of making people feel welcome, warm, and loved. She amazes me in so many ways-she frequently goes with the flow on a very busy Angus cattle farm, while working at the U of Illinois, raising 3 children, and traveling around the country to various cattle shows & sales-all for a girl who did NOT grow up on any kind of farm. My favorite memory could very well be just a few weeks ago she sent me a text "All hands on deck-Orlan needs helping hauling in grain to Gridley, so I have the two older kids in the back of the pickup watching a DVD, while baby Will is currently nursing, and I have 2 full wagons waiting to be unloaded"...she simply is amazing.
Theresa-I love the fact you are my sister-in-law and appreciate your insight in many areas of life. Happy Birthday dear!