12 February 2009

Cyclones forever!

Hello my readers...if you are actually still out there :) Though you may be few, I feel it is high time I update you on our past travels...

Feb. 7 & 8 we traveled to the Cyclone country to see our good friends, Bruce & Renae. We met up to catch up and also see Gus & I's Cyclones in action (sidenote - Bruce is actually a graduate of Iowa State as well, but for some ODD reason prefers the Hawkeyes). Much to our dismay they got schooled my the Mizzzou, but it was great fun walking on campus, eating at Great Plains Sauce & Dough Co. (some of the BEST pizza ever), and being with great friends! WE love you both & yep, you made the blog!

My dearest Gus...I love being with you & how you haven't changed a bit!

Bruce & Renae's 2 1/2 year old darling Kylie...while she wasn't able to be with this in Ames, I know she was cheering them on in her heart!