26 March 2015

Covey is 1

Wait...one year already!? Really?! [click here to reminisce]
That's unreal...nostalgia (usually reserved for my dear husband) set in as I put together this little video and realized what a darling God blessed us with 1 year ago.
Amidst the still-not-sleeping through night months, nursing woes, no sleep, early crawler leads to early walker & overall not much sleep, he is such a fun little boy! He loves ANIMALS, wrestling with his big sister, BOOKS, trucks/planes/anything with wheels, throwing things, and not sleeping through the night :).

Covenant Dean...you were named because of God's promise of faithfulness and God has sure blessed us. Thanks you for all the joys you have brought to our family!

Psalm 84:12
Blessed is the man that trusteth in thee.

20 March 2015

brief adoption udpate

Thank you all for your continued prayers the last few weeks...they have been treasured.

We have not received much news regarding our adoption process. We do know our Uganda team was NOT able to meet last week with the community/family members to obtain the needed affidavits to strengthen our case as we had hoped. We are also still waiting to hear when/if the next attempt to gain this needed paperwork will be and what they next steps in our journey are...

Amidst the chaos and uncertainty, your prayers have been felt and mean so much.

Much love,
Arlan, Katie & kiddos

"The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble.
He cares for those who trust in him..."
Nahum 1:7a

09 March 2015

Adoption update-prayers greatly needed

Hi friends...it's been a few months since we updated you all on our adoption journey.
A few of you know the following details but most do not...and if ever there was a time we covet your prayers, the time is now.

In January, our agency called with some very hopeful news...another family (who recieved a referral around the same time as us) got their travel/court date for mid-April & another family for mid May. Praise God as this means two less orphans and movement with Ugandan judges placing children. In the same phone call however, our agency's coordinator, Emily, also mentioned that Keziah's uncle had been reported as acting fairly uncharacteristic since his motorbike accident in December. While we knew of his accident, this was the first we had heard of any "issues" resulting from it. He had been exhibiting fairly uncooperative behavior towards the social work team in Uganda and also had taken the children to his Mom's house, without telling his spouse, some 100km away for about 1 week. You can imagine our increased heart rates as Emily continued relaying what she knew.

One week later Emily called back to report that not only is Keziah's uncle acting uncharacteristic, but he no longer supports the adoption and would not like to cooperate/proceed. Our hearts dropped. Tears flowed. Arlan was at a conference in downtown Chicago so I recieved this information while Covenant napped in our hotel room and Haven lovingly tried to pat my arm reassuringly saying "it's alright Mom...we will just go get Keziah's and it will be alright." The social worker even felt that maybe he should start looking for another child to place in our family, as to him this seemed like a closed case.

Keziah's welfare continued to be in question as her Aunt and Uncle have since separated and her and some cousins were sent to her Grandma's to live. According to the social worker, the Grandma is older and this seems to be only a temporary solution. Emily wanted the legal team's perspective and so we waited for three excruciating days to see what their take on our new circumstances were...here was their reply:

In essence if the guardian says I don't want the child to go, thats it! However if the guardian is of unsound mind then he cannot be trusted to make the right decision for the child. People who are insane cannot make decisions whether for themselves or for anyone else. We however would need to reinforce our case with new evidence by affidavit from other witnesses about what has happened to him

Gauging the time change in Uganda, today is the date they are going to try and collect affidavits to reinforce the case that Keziah's welfare is no longer stable since her uncle's accident. While we are trying to hold her loosely, we really want to fight for her while wanting what's best for her. She is a 4.5 year old girl who longs for love and stability.

So...dear friends and church family, please pray for:

  • Prayers for the lawyer and social worker as they attempt to gather affadivits from witnesses regarding Keziah's uncle and how her welfare seems to be no longer stable. 
  • Prayers for Keziah as she lives with her Grandma and is no doubt wondering what is happening & what will become of her.
  • Prayers for speed and timing for this process as no doubt, obtaining these affadivits could lengthen our process and perhaps push back a court/travel date.
  • And lastly for our continued hope...that our hope be placed in our one true, sovereign God. The same God who calls us to faithfulness...not because of what we "get" or what the "results" may be...but because He is a just & faithful God.

Deuteronomy 32:4 ~ He is the Rock, His work is perfect: for all His ways are judgement: a God of truth and without inquity; just and right is He.  

Thank you friends for playing an important role in our journey and in the life of this little girl. 

Much love-Arlan, Katie, Haven & Covenant