29 October 2013

Monkey Joe's

Last Friday Haven got to spend the day with cousin Charlee.  Haven was quite excited especially when I told her I was taking the girls to Peoria to a place called Monkey Joe's: a kid's inflatable bounce house dream!  Those two crazies went 110 mph for about 2 hours and loved every minute of it!  Honestly, it was manageable for that length of time...even though I'm pretty sure I took the girls on a "no-school" parent/teacher conference day...what luck :)
It's a great way for kid's to burn energy and get great jumping/motor skill balance...many of the bounce houses had climbing walls inside the house that then led to a slide or two :)

the first slide down...when they were not yet screaming & picture-friendly :)

 smiles were plastered on their faces most of the morning :)

I failed at several attempts of getting these two monkeys in a picture. together. going down the same slide.

 a good friend, Tracy, & her son Jude came along as well...while he had a swell time in his bounce-houses, I'm sure he's had enough of 2 energetic almost-4 year olds!

 He's such a cutie!

lunch at Avanti's after

and...why not get some McDonald's ice cream for the road trip home?!

24 October 2013

family pictures

Before College Weekend last weekend, a dear friend of mine Taryn, graciously agreed to fit the Miller family into her busy photo schedule and shoot some pictures.  You can click here to see her fine blog page :)
Taryn...you did such a fabulous job shooting our pictures SO FAST & had just the right buildings/shots for our family...I love you!