24 May 2010

my new friend Sophie

This is my new friend Sophie la Giraffe. She is from France and is one of two new teether toys my sitter, "Aunt" Vicki, spoiled me with. I am very excited to play with her each day...so excited in fact, that I usually bite her head & long legs frequently. Thank you "Aunt" Vicki-I love you! ~Haven

20 May 2010

my news

Tonight is a rare, rare night...the house is quiet, Haven's sleeping away, my schoolwork is caught up, house is cleaned (well, cleaned as cleaned can be), Arlan is at school for our student's Baccalaureate service, and I feel an incredible weight lifted from my shoulders-yes, weight but not burden.

For the last 4 years, I've had the privilege of teaching World & US History at PCHS and work with an incredible Social Studies department that doesn't settle for mediocrity but continues to challenge students, each other and the institution of education. I have loved each minute-truly, I love teaching...challenging students to think about history in a different way than they've done before, keeping them accountable to standards, work ethic(s), and abilities that they may not have faced before-yes, I have an intensity in my classroom but I myself take accountability to my profession seriously.

So serious, that the next chapter in my life is about to be written-this chapter was not a decision taken lightly but one that was pondered, searched, and laid at our Almighty's feet. Last Thursday, I handed our Asst. Superintendent my letter of resignation. Because even after getting an amazingly large classroom and receiving tenure, my main passion has now become little Haven. As I reflect on the many relationships that the wonderful husband/wife team of the Miller's have cultivated the last 4 years, the one relationship that matters most is my daughter. Even as I type this, tears form in my eyes knowing that I don't regret my decision but embrace the fact & time I'll get to spend with her. She has received incredible care the past semester and to those 4 sitters, I am forever grateful.

This past semester has taught me a lot regarding humility and priorities-while I'd like to think I'm Katie Miller, Mrs. Invincible, I certainly am not. My passionate all or nothing personality isn't allowing me to be 110% wife, 110% mother, and 110% teacher and I finally have the humility to admit it. Some women are amazing at this and can balance it all and yet, I find myself passionately teaching, but loving being with Haven more.

So here goes-parenting 101. I know there will be days I'll want to pull my hair out, and there will be days when Haven will want to pull my hair out, and there will be days I'll miss my teenagers at PCHS...yet, I'm content to know that being a stay-at-home Mom is an honor, takes on so many roles, and boy does Haven not know what she has coming, because I still consider myself a life-long educator!

Thanks for your prayers...Kt

19 May 2010

my cousin Carissa

This is my cousin Carissa...well, actually she is Daddy's cousin so that makes her mine too. Cousin Carissa lives in Mexico and works at an orphanage. An orphanage is a place that kids who don't have mommies and daddies live and Carissa is one of their teachers. Carissa has been living in Mexico a little over 4 years. Sometimes she comes back to Illinois to visit her family including me-she has been able to see me twice since I came into the world. Her favorite time to visit is around Thanksgiving (it's one of her favorite holidays) and when there is any new babies in the family-which our family seems to have quite a few of! We pray for Cousin Carissa often-we pray for her safety, patience (it takes a lot of patience to teach us kids), and for the orphans she teaches. We love you Carissa & thanks for doing all you do for kids out there who don't have mommies & daddies. ~Love, Haven

15 May 2010

Haven meets the Bergmans

During our late April trip through Iowa, we stopped at a college friend of mine to quickly catch up and not only introduce Haven to them, but also meet their little guy, Cade. Sometimes friends are just not close enough-love ya Gus-Gus!

Kylie was excited to meet Haven & wanted "to play" with her-"in a few years," replied her mom!

Cade Allan Bergman born 2-16-10

10 May 2010

our first mother's day...

...and here is our little gem!

Haven giving me my present...doesn't she look completely into it?!

so behind...

Since it has been quite some time since I posted our happenings and travels, you are going to get quite a bit at once-Easter, our end of April Iowa trip and Mother's Day---all in one posting! This actually may be illegal in the blogging world, and my site may very well crash because of neglect, but I don't care...this is about all you can get for this working mom to get herself together!

Easter Sunday (4-4-10)

Haven & Charlee saying hello to each other.

Auntie Amber organized an Easter egg hunt at Aunt Vera's...it was super fun!

Everybody got in on the action including cousins Adam & Amelia.

Even cousin Will got to find a few eggs!

On to our Iowa trip (weekend of April 30-May 2).
8.5 hours later~more family & more cousins!

Introducing Mali Nalin (born 4-23-10) to my brother Lonn & sis-in-law Jammie.
Haven was very excited to meet her :)

Haven got quite spoiled by Grandma & Grandpa for a few days-it was quite fun family time!

Auntie Emmy was especially ready to spoil Haven rotten!

Uncle Butch also wanted to schnoodle Punkers.

Haven with Uncle Buddy & Aunt Erika...

...and Haven LOVED watching Macy & Maden play!

Thanks Kellenbergers...it was so much fun to visit and hopefully this summer we can stay MUCH longer!

Now on to Mother's Day at the Millers this past Sunday...

3 cousins...about 2.5 months apart~Haven, Will and Charlee...and their fun photo shoot!

And then we added all the cousins...

oops, now all the cousins are "in" the picture as Ezra, the "protester", elected to stay in the background! :)

And well, Papa...he just shook his head and took it all in!