31 July 2013

garage sale time...again!

Since we had such great success last Spring, some friends/family and I decided to give it another shot...pictures will be coming but mark your calendars as this is the annual Pheasant Ridge subdivision garage sales!

Thurs. Aug. 8th from 12-5 & Fri. Aug. 9 from 8-4
400 Plumage Ct. in Normal
Multi-family sale & great prices…Help bring our daughter from Uganda home!
NO early sales

Little Tykes house, car seat, PB kids art easel
great fall/winter clothes kid’s clothes--clean & lightly used brands including Children’s Place, GAP, Old Navy, Polo, Justice; girls sizes 2T-4T and 7/8-9/10; boy’s 3T-4T and 5/6-7/8
lovely fall/winter adult clothes- GAP, Loft, JCrew, Banana Republic-dresses, men’s suits (38R & 30/32pant), shirts, coats, purses, scarves: men’s & women’s sizes M-L
kids books, puzzles & toys
lots of misc. household including: décor, lamps, candles, picture frames, small kitchen electronics, Christmas décor, crystal punch bowl, black-iron baking rack, bowls, lamps, DVD player, 2 blue double cordless honeycomb blinds & one tan-all 3 Smith & Noble brand & each measure 31 X 56; one light green cordless blind-measures 61 X 50 (all blinds include manual & hardware), garden pots, CD collection

30 July 2013

7 years

Today we celebrate 7 years together.  We've had an incredible 7 years...we are blessed.  we have been stretched. we are different people than 7 years ago.  But it's fun to look back at pictures together and have great memories of places, events, and relationships.  While you may not enjoy a movie through memory lane as much as we do, here goes...

19 July 2013

Friday's Funny-share anything?


17 July 2013

a special day

42 years.  of marriage.

That is what today marks in my Mom's heart.  Her and Dad shared their vows before family & friends in an outdoor country wedding at my Great Uncle's farm place 42 years ago today.  It was hot.  My Mom looked beautiful.  And my Dad...much slimmer, and quite handsome :)
I honor them both in my heart today & pray that in another 35 years (whew!), Arlan and I can follow their devotion to one another...in good times & bad times.

So while "controversy" surrounds today's marriages as the average American marriage lasts 8 years* & there seems to be debate about the definition of marriage, I'm thankful for a loving example.

 July 17, 1971

Fall 1995


 September 2010

November 2010

November 2010

 taken on their 40th anniversary 7-17-2011


09 July 2013


The end of June saw our van hitting the road on our way to Iowa...it was my cousin Tara's wedding weekend, my Mom's birthday & a Fourth of July trip all rolled into one!  We were able to enjoy time with family yet keep my Mom hopping from place to place with lots of activities during our 6 night/7 day stay.

pathetic, yet true, is the fact that I didn't take any pictures of Tara & Jeff's wedding, so I stole these two from FB (thanks Dawn!)...Congratulations Tara & Jeff!  It was a beautiful day!

since good friends from Tremont were in charge of the reception, Arlan and I offered our services Sunday morning to help set up the food line...it was so much fun to catch up with some friends!  Great job Dawn & JR & Travis...the decor, flowers and food were great!

the design team: Travis, Dawn, JR, Linda & Beth
 we then headed to Maden's birthday party in Rock Rapids for the evening...here is little Burkelle eating her dinner

Macy, Haven & Mali...Haven was very excited to see her Kberger cousins!!

 Michael & the birthday boy!

 Ms. Aisley...Aunt Katie had just told Aisley "no"...she wasn't very happy about that!

Uncle Mike with Burkelle


Mom is going to HATE this picture :)

Haven's favorite part of any party...the cake!!!
ahh...a girl after my heart!

Emmy & Burkelle

 the kiddos loving the park!

Haven once again enjoyed the Lester park...this park holds many memories in my childhood as we spent loads of time playing swing tag, Summer Rec & just plain fun...this totem pole slide was played on a many a time when I was a girl :)

we shopped with Grandma...and got tired :)

we even spent an afternoon at the Sioux Falls zoo where Haven got the crazy treat of riding her dromedary friend, Cletus...excited was an understatement!

Haven and Burkelle

here is Haven waiting patiently while Grandma & Mommy got pedicures

and the highlight of my (& prayerfully Haven's as well) was getting to serve at the Sioux Falls soup kitchen called The Banquet...it was a neat experience to see Jesus' words of serving others in action, especially through the eyes of my 3 year old.  Mom, I & Haven volunteered alongside the Lester Axillary group & served dinner to about 370 people on July 3rd.  Haven got to hand out color tokens as a way to count how many we serve each night: red to kids & blue/white to adults.  It was a great job for a 3 year old and even I was impressed how she tagged along with whomever to wipe off chairs, pass trays or just play "follow-the-leader" while I refilled drinks.  I pray she remembers this service as much as Mom & I do.

 Haven with another volunteer waiting at the door...I tried to respect the privacy of those coming in for dinner & thus didn't get the best pictures.  Many of the people who receive meals aren't necessarily homeless but in need of food assistance and a nice hot meal is a great way to receive that assistance and socialize.

and then we headed to Inwood for the Fourth of July festivities...parade, lunch in the park & kid's activities made for a fun way for us to spend a beautiful non-humid summer day!
This is Betsy's oldest, Marlys...she and Haven are pals as Marlys is only 5 months younger than Haven.

Grandma Kathy & Ward (Betsy's 3rd)

Ms. Burkelle sporting her fancy red/white/blue outfit!

Aisley was ready to run for candy

attempt #1 at cousin picture...

attempt #2...and then I just gave up :)

Hanston (Betsy's 2nd) LOVED the parade...he would look up every now & then from his stock pile of candy when farm equipment came by :)

Haven and her bag of candy...including playing cards that were thrown by the casino float!

 she rode her first ferris wheel in the park...she looks a bit apprehensive in this picture, but she LOVED it!

 and of course the barrel train is always fun.

and we finished the evening watching fireworks in Alvord...while Haven loved looking at the colors, she kept her ears covered the ENTIRE time...it's at least progress from the previous year.

Arlan headed home on the Monday after the wedding so he was unable to join us for the holiday...however, we got great traveling companions in the form of Grandma Marge, Abby Feucht & Megan Endress...Haven now has three new BFF's :)

What, you think, did my dear husband do for 4 whole days without us?

 he cleaned & detailed his much-needed Jeep...

 ...and washed my windows!!! I've got quite the keeper, huh?!?!

...AND finished his parents patio & landscaping in their back yard!
He's quite the worker bee huh?