28 September 2011

discovering a museum

Tuesday we spent the morning at the Children's Discovery Museum here in Normal...I'll admit, I had heard parents RAVE about it but was a bit skeptical as I mean, really...why should one have to pay to entertain & teach your child?

Gulp! A piece of humble pie was on the menu that morning as I was BLOWN away...so many fun, interactive stations that Haven didn't know which one to play with & where to go next. While some museums cater to older children (I'd say like 7-12), this one had something for everyone and Haven was the perfect age. She played on their jungle gym, did puzzles, played with their water set/tubes, shopped at a grocery store & then "checked out", made a pizza & then "baked it", played with trains, investigated the kid-size chess set, "drove" a Case tractor & JD combine, played with legos, and my favorite station: the painting room...Haven's first time with paints! Such fun & I didn't have to clean up the mess!

We went with Ashley & Reese...it was SUCH a fun time! Thanks friends!

Here's a few pictures:

23 September 2011

Friday's Funny-Haven's gnome friend

Oh yes, we here at the Miller residence LOVE our gnome...Haven decided she needed to eat breakfast with him Monday morning and proceeded to line up her zucchini bread, peaches, eggs & toast in front of him.

Halloween is right around the corner all...stay-tuned for more gnome pictures!

14 September 2011

thank you

A new "normal" will now begin for my Mom, myself & family...we miss Dad...the 100's of family, friends & acquaintances who came through visitation & funeral is a testimony to what big shoes I have to fill as his daughter.

I want to say thank you for all the cards, prayers, emails & texts I received from you out there...they were felt & appreciated. As I type, Arlan is on his way back to central IL & I plan on flying back with Haven Saturday morning. I am saddened to think of leaving my dear mother already but know she will be well taken care of & needs to have her own personal time to grieve & adjust...whatever adjust means.

Continue to think of her & us in the coming weeks...blessings to all...katie

08 September 2011

he's home

"...It is done. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely. He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son." ~Revelations 21:6-7~

Last night Dad went to be with the Lord...at about 9:10 pm Dad took his last peaceful breathe with mom, all of his kids & spouses & Uncle Butch holding his hand while shedding our tears of joy & sadness.

Your prayers have meant so much to us the last several days, weeks, and months...bless all of you for thinking of us.

We covet the memories we have with Dad & ask in the next several days you continue to pray for strength for our dear Mom, us kids, and the many relatives and friends...

victory has been won!


A golden heart, a golden life and now a golden scene ~ when I look back at Dad’s life, golden is what he means.

A golden car is what he drove as he whisked my Mom away ~ that Roadrunner climbed up the mountains & Mom was here to stay.

After a few purchases, a yellow truck is what Dad found ~ many a folk noticed Dad ~ his golden cab shown for miles around.

Doing to others as you want returned was often spoken here ~ the golden rule was always preached & to my Dad was dear.

My mom caught the golden fever & after 40 years ~ her laundry room now brightly shines golden through it’s mirrors.

Yellow is the color of courage: bright, brave & strong ~ one who knows, accepts & fights whatever life brings along.

And now my golden Dad has one more golden date ~ as he chose earlier in life to make Jesus Christ an eternal mate.

The golden rule, golden truck, laundry room & car ~ can all sit back & watch ~ streets of gold are greeting Dad from a far.

05 September 2011

waiting to go home

For the next several days, perhaps weeks, my blog will be pretty inactive as currently Haven & I are still in Iowa. All 3 of us, including my ever-so-devoted husband, traveled out last Wednesday night to be with my Dad over Labor Day and it seems the next step in his cancer journey was upon us...

Last Thursday we helped Mom transfer Dad to a Hospice Cottage in Luverne, MN...about 20 minutes from Lester, IA. It isn't a nursing home & it isn't a hospital...it is a wonderful 4-resident facility designed for people just like my Dad-with terminal illness that want the cozy, comfort of a home-like setting while waiting to go home...

So Haven and I are waiting because my dear Daddy is waiting...waiting for that amazing victory that comes to those who have found Jesus Christ as their Savior!

Thanks in advance for your prayers-we are feeling them!

**For a more complete, detailed journey update, feel free to visit my Dad's LinkCaringbridge page.