14 January 2009


Wahoo! When you're a teacher or a student, there are NO better words than receiving a phone call to let you know school has been canceled :)

[Please remind me of this however by about oh, June 1st or so]

Arlan and I have spent the day catching up on few things around the house, reading books, and lounging. I'll admit not a lot has been accomplished on Robin Ave. today!

I have great memories as a child in NW Iowa & having Mom come in & tell us these glorious words because as geography & weather attests up north, we heard NO SCHOOL fairly frequent. In fact, my alma mater has several snow days built in to their school year (I think it was 5) and only if you exceed that amount do you then make up days at the end of the year. My senior year we exceeded plenty ensuring the seniors had to come back after graduation to take finals...yep, we only got a diploma cover & NO diploma at the big ceremony :)

Other great snow day memories include:
  • going sledding with the town kids down down the viaduct near Lester...we'd literally brave some pretty incredible conditions to get outside & play
  • playing hours of Monopoly at my cousins...in fact, if the weather was really badl, the Monopoly game board would stay in the exact location for a day or more & my cousin Curt would keep a running tally of debts owed to other players for property-it was GREAT!
So...any snow day memories out there to share? I'd love to hear them!

Catching up...again...

Since I haven't blogged since yep, Dec. 24th, I thought I'd take a moment to catch up my readers (if you are still out there) and events, etc. occurring the last several weeks:

  • Spent Christmas Eve & Christmas Day with our Miller family; highlight was a wonderful Christmas Day message & amazing "Joy to the World" by the Gridley congregation!
  • Traveled to Lester the day after to spend with our Kellenberger family; my Dad's SURPRISE 60th party was a highlight as friends & family helped celebrate. My Aunt Vonnie from AZ was also back in Iowa & it was special to spend time with her. Also special to meet my new cousin, Lucy-what a beautiful baby.
  • School started again Jan. 5th & since then our lives have been consumed with students, lessons, grading...the usuals that go along with education.
  • Cousin Tom Miller went to meet Jesus this past Sunday so Thurs. night & Friday morning will be spent saying our final, temporary goodbyes. He is Orlan's first cousin, never married & a special part of the Miller family-he will be missed!