01 November 2014

5 years old

Dear Haven,
In years to come when you read this (or right now, as you can already read well above what the average 5 year old should), we want you to know how special you are...how loved...and how you have forever changed our lives.
You are the joy in our days. Your bright, inquisitive mind never rests until your body does. (You get that from your Daddy.) You love jokes and you LOVE being around friends & cousins. "Who's coming to play today?" is a common question. You lovingly remind us to read Bible stories at dinner time & your attention to details  is astounding. You are also a head-strong little lady who knows what she likes and what she doesn't. Learning to love & obey has come hard the last several months but overall, you have transitioned into your role as big sister to Covenant like a champ. You look out for him and pray regularly for him and you never forget to pray for Keziah. When Mommy & Daddy lack faith to believe your sister will join us soon, you BELIEVE with all your heart. Your child-like faith is refreshing.
We love you sweetheart and pray for your heart on this, your 5th birthday.
May God continue to grow your heart & life into His.

Much love,
Mommy & Daddy

Methodist in Peoria

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