28 April 2009

Loving the surprise factor...

We have been LOVING telling family & friends our special news in oh, so dramatic style! From placing a sonogram in my Aunt Vonnie's birthday card to placing the sonogram underneath Aunt Lois' napkin at dinner to having my nephew Maden whisper over the phone that "he is going to get another cousin" to steady "Eddie" Uncle Ells' smirky smile...it has been great fun!

Mom & Dad Miller ~ we stopped by their place before taking off for Spring Break "to show them our Washington D.C. pictures"...after showing them, we decided to show them one more...and here's their great reaction!

Aunt Vonnie ~ it was so fun spending the day with you on your birthday!

Aunt Vonnie had warned us "Should we tell Lois in public? She'll scream"...and she didn't disappoint :)

Smirky Uncle Ells

And some MORE exciting news...the night we told our Miller/Schlipf family, Cathy & Brandon unexpectedly announced their pregnancy and are due 3 days before us! So that means Theresa (with Adam on her lap) is due in September and 2 more Millers will arrive in November...Christmas will be crazy! Well, maybe not this year, but eventually :)

18 April 2009


So travel may slow a bit... :)
Baby Miller due November 12

Spring Break 2009

The week after D.C. was our Spring Break so off to Utah & Arizona we went. It was great to see the beautiful creation of Zion National Park. We also traveled down through the Grand Canyon, stayed a night in Sedona and then landed in Phoenix to see family for the Easter holiday. It was a great whirl-wind of a week but so much fun...especially to see my family! Enjoy some pictures...

Zion National Park, Utah

Grand Canyon and the Colorado River

The pretty red-rocks of Sedona, AZ

My cousin's first, Kole...he and I became great pals that week!

He is such a fun little kid...even at a VERY early Easter sunrise service!

Uncle Ells & Aunt Lois took us to see my maternal grandfather's grave.

Aunt Vonnie got us tickets to see the Diamondbacks play the Dodgers...2nd row!

Millers + 11 PCHS students = FUN!

The week of March 29 - April 2 found us traveling to D.C. with a great group of PCHS students to attend Close-Up D.C. Academy. The kids got to sight-see, meet their Congressmen, attend workshops, and see the politics of our beautiful nation's capital well, Up-Close :) The Presidential & war memorials, Holocaust Museum, the Smithsonian Museums, Arlington Cemetary, and Capital Hill Day (pictured) were some of the many highlights. One of Mrs. Miller's highlights was the fact our Close-Up week fell on National Cherry Bloosom Festival which meant the trees around D.C. were in beautiful full bloom! It was spectacular! While we came back with almost 1000 pictures, I'm just going to post this one as the credit for a great group goes to our wonderful students. We were so proud of each of them as they were the cream-of-the crop from schools around the nation that week. They lead discussions, wrapped up moderations, and were overall the leaders other students looked to...thanks for making the Millers & PCHS proud!