25 July 2011

ode to Kens

July 17th is just not special anymore because it's my parent's anniversary but it now stands as an anniversary date for a dear friend of ours, Kendra.

I met Kendra 9 years ago through my friend Kimmy. I traveled to Illinois one weekend after college to stay with Kim and ended up tagging along to Bible study with Kendra & another friend Natalie. We didn't get to know each other right away but several months later, on yet another trip to Illinois, Kendra saw me in a book store, remembered my name [always a plus for me!], and struck up a short conversation...I've liked her ever since.

Kendra is the type of friend who is super fun & easy to be around...doesn't require tons of maintenance (or "entertaining") and is a super fun girlfriend to grab a cup of coffee with, peruse a bookstore and go on road-trips with. She tells you like it is & doesn't beat around the bush when it comes to opinions-something a true friend does. Above all, she truly strives to model herself into a Godly woman.

Since we traveled back to Iowa for my parents anniversary weekend & thus missed her big day, I wanted do a post in honor to her...here is short video of some of my favorite Kendra memories/moments!

Congratulations Doug & Kens...best wishes & we look forward to more memories!

A few wedding pictures of the bride can be found here.

22 July 2011

Friday's Funny

"It's not hot out...do I have to come in?!"

20 July 2011

forty years

4 decades...a generation by most accounts.

My parents were married on Saturday, July 17, 1971. They were married in an outdoor ceremony at my Great Uncle's farm only about 4 miles from Lester. My mom remembers my dear Grandmother Doorneweerd having to wipe off all the guest's chairs as it had rained the evening before. Their reception was held at the Rock Rapids community center and they estimated about 200 people attended. She remembers it being hot for a July wedding [nothing like our current weather however] and she remembers flies & bugs buzzing around her long chapel veil. Traveling in style in my Dad's beloved 1969 yellow Plymouth Roadrunner, they honeymooned in Colorado visiting places such as Pike's Peak.

not my Dad's actual Roadrunner, but something similar...my Dad bought his beloved car brand new for $2900 in 1969 and was known to have raced it a "time or two" :)
From time to time, he has kept his eyes open for one, thinking he'd like to buy one again...
yellow trucks, yellow Roadrunner & now a yellow laundry room...he does love YELLOW!

Their marriage has endured the test of time ~ when the failing marriage rate is around 60% in our country, I stand amazed that with devotion to God, each other & the relationships they have built around them, they can humbly say they have had a blessed 40 years. It doesn't come without anguish, pain, and hurt as they have buried both sets of parents ~ Henry Kellenberger back in July of 1985; Elaine Kellenberger in January of 2007; and Karoline Doorneweerd in January of 2003. My Dad has also said goodbye to 2 brothers, both in 2010 ~ one tragic, the other a blessing.

a blast from the past ~ 1995

During their 40 years, my Dad farmed & trucked and my Mom stayed at home mostly to raise us children. There are four of us total in my family ~ Lonn, 37 [married to Jammie], Emily, 34 [married to Mike], me, 31, and Adam, 25 [married to Erika]. They have 6 grandchildren.

Nov. 2010

Last weekend, we traveled back to NW Iowa to help my parents celebrate their 40th anniversary. Our small family enjoyed a nice dinner out (with NO kiddos!) and a few family get togethers as the "aunts" from Arizona also joined us for their celebration. It was good to make more memories & spend time together...regardless how short it was.

Mom & Dad this past weekend, opening their lovely Edible Arrangement from the Aunts

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Congratulations Mom & Dad...as Arlan and I celebrate our 5th anniversary next week, I'm so thankful for the example you've been to us. Your courage through the joys & sorrows in life shows a true devotion to each other.

All my love,
Kate Louise

Emily's wedding ~ March 2006

12 July 2011

fun at the Kochs

While we were traveling to Minnesota last weekend, Haven had a ball staying and playing at her former sitters, the Kochs. This wonderful family in Tremont graciously agreed to keep our princess & treated her to such wonderful care...thanks again for keeping her & thanks for the pictures!

11 July 2011

marcus & lindsay

This past weekend, we traveled up to Glenwood, MN, for the wedding of our dear friend, Linds.
She was SUCH a stunning bride & it was so great to be included in her big day...we road-tripped with the high-energy couple, Kent & Holls, so as guessed, there was rarely a dull moment...unless of course, Holls was sleeping-which was more often than we would have liked :)

Such fun people & such a lovely day...blessings to you both as you enter the wonderful world of "marriage"!

the entire Gramm family was present for Linds' big day...all children, grandchildren & greats..."55 in all" to quote Ila :)

Harold & Ila Gramm

Kens, it's your turn this Sunday!
Kendra & her finance, Doug

Lindsay & Marcus with her Grandpa & Grandma Charles

06 July 2011

friends cookout

We celebrated this past Monday but having some friends & their kids in for a cookout.
It was crazy fun with the adult:kid ratio eking near 1:1 so craziness was a given!
Haven, once again, LOVED it as she had so many friends to play with & keep her busy.

05 July 2011

We are Family

This past weekend we hosted the Miller/Schlipf brood at our home & it was a great time!
Carissa was home from Mexico and thus it was imperative we get together.
Because Arlan got so many great pictures, I decided making a movie was easier.
However, I also realize that there are some loyal blog readers (we won't name names) who will look at the pictures and say "it'd better if I knew who went with who" so with that, I also posted two pictures: the 3rd generation kiddos and also the "originals"...us "outlaws" got to take the pictures :)

back row [L to R]: Aunt Vera, Orlan, Carol, Carla, Alan, Janelle, Art, Twyla, Jeremy, Arlan
front row: Cathy, Amber, Kaleigh, Carissa

[L to R]: Will (Alan's), Charlee (Cathy's), Levi (Jeremy's), Ezra (Carla's), Adam (Alan's), Addison (Jeremy's), Haven (Arlan's), Elijah (Carla's), Amelia (Alan's), Grey (Janelle's)

01 July 2011

Friday's Funny-gotta love shopping

I have my camera, wallet & am ready to go!
This isn't a bad indication of her parents, is it? :)