10 November 2008

beautiful, beautiful Boston

Arlan and I enjoyed a quick weekend get-a-way (very quick...like Friday evening to Sunday afternoon) to Boston, Massachusetts. While the weather here in the Midwest had turned quite chilly, the East coast was still balmy & had retained its beautiful fall colors. We enjoyed the history of Boston, its unique buildings, old churches, cemeteries (Arlan loves photographing them...kinda bizarre, but surreal), Freedom Trail, the parks, the harbor, some wonderful seafood, and just good relaxing, travel time away from school and commitments. Below are some pictures (bear with me, I posted quite a few)...enjoy!

beautiful Boston Common

Arlan's first lobster

this old church was found near Commonwealth Ave. and had the most interesting ivy & foilage growing up it's sides

ya know how you've never visited a place, but have envisioned "what it should look like"?...the picture below is what we envisioned Boston to be :)

Mr. G. Washington overseeing Boston Common

These tour guides were fairly common; here is Mr. Ben Franklin...if only, if only women could do this...I'd sign up in a heartbeat!

This was fasinating to see...I've read books but being the visual learner I am, it was amazing to see exactly how they build huge ships, navy vessels, etc. This was found at Charleston Harbor where Old Ironsides is located.

Arlan's uh, "Boston Tea/Coffee Party"....ah, so historic!

Boston Long Wharf Harbor

Below is Old State House...here was where Boston citizens first heard our Declaration of Independence from Great Britain.

02 November 2008

So behind...

at one point this past week, I actually thought "I'm SO far behind in posts, SO much has happened, and our lives are SO chaotic, should I even try & catch up?"...

yes, we don't have any kids, our families live a bit of distance away & yet our jobs and commitments have seemed to engulf our lives. Here is my attempt to update:

Oct. 24-25: we spent the weekend at East Bay Camp for Jr. High Boys & Girls' Camp. The theme was Praise and it was a great time; however, Arlo and I aren't quite the young punks we used to be and last Sat. night found us catching up on our sleep by going to bed early!

Oct. 31-Nov. 2: we hosted a Halloween/Fall/Lindsay party weekend! Costumes, games, food, and laughs were great!

Costumes included:
our biker & farmer boy (aka Tony & Eric)

Align CenterHolly as "leftovers"

Tricia as "old lady" and Josh as "Methuselah"

Taryn as "I-Pod" guy

Games included: the "sign game"...quite the hysterical game!

speed Scrabble


and last but certainly not least...the noun game featuring Lindsay with a great charade of Arlan's noun, the great Native American Sitting Bull...enjoy!