18 January 2013

Christmas catch up!

I guess after the holiday hustle & bustle of things, it was nice the first few weeks to be resting up & looking forward to the next semester with our college kids...thus my blog went on hold.

After a few prompts (we won't name names, but it sounds like Aunt Onnie :), it's time I attempted to post some pictures from the holidays...just a warning-there's QUITE a few!

Haven helping decorate the tree...

realizing she is about to get into trouble when she was told several times NOT to unroll the ribbon...

...suffering the consequence of disobedience!

our gingerbread house...don't be TOO impressed...it was a kit from Target :)

 opening our presents on Christmas Eve...

 Arlan gave me a new fondu pot, some cocoa mugs & mugs for Haven and her sister...it was great!

 Arlan was surprised with his beloved Illini tickets...good thing we probably saw the best game of the season thus far!

 I also received a journal made in Uganda and Haven received a giraffe ornament to remind her of Uganda (made in China-go figure :)

 Santa found Haven's house by Christmas morning!

 and received her much-anticipated snow globe!

 Christmas morning picture

 We headed out to Iowa on Dec. 26th to be with my family...

 these two are TROUBLE!

 Aisley being a ham!

 and she even took a few steps for Aunt Katie!!

 a good game of BID...we haven't played that game as a family in a LONG time!

 Ms. Burkelle getting her pajamas on

 It snowed while we were in Iowa...of course!

 Christmas Day was spent with our Miller family...sorry the pics are out of order-I'm too lazy to change them all!

 waiting for Christmas festivities to start, so why not do a little mending?

 Ms. Amelia was sick so besides her, here's the crazy crew!

 she's not going to like me posting this picture, but I feel like either Carol or Orlan said something ridiculous, and this is the incredulous look Amber produced----love it!

 a very special Aunt Amber & Havers

 Charlee received the glitziest, sparkliest, PINK cowboy boots a girl could ask for...and she instantly put them on!!!

 Haven received her Bitty Baby carrier for her doll Holly...

And an entire princess dress-up collection...she LOVES it!

 the boys received their Angry Birds hats

 playing with her new Magformer's

 Uncle Alan received his old childhood bear wrapped up from Haven :)
We Millers LOVE gifting things from the past!

 quite the piano recital was performed by these 3!

 and lastly, Haven expanded her vocabulary for the day with her cousins by learning words such as show stick, "tying up" high/low, etc...here they are dragging around their heifers with their show sticks :)

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Really Katie? REALLY? You just HAD to post that picture?? eesh....