26 March 2016


Covenant Dean,
You are the big 2 today!
Mommy & Daddy love you dearly and you live up to your name of "promised" in so many ways.
You bring joy to us and your sister and can light up a room with your smiles, laughs and your ability to EAT. Trucks, tractors, trains and anything on wheels including wagons, strollers and bikes bring you great delight. You love puppies and most animals. You also love Thomas the Train, Winnie the Pooh and Daniel Tiger and love visits to the farm.
2 years ago you came into our world after a very hard labor. One year ago you were still wanting to "see" Mommy every night. And today, you are beginning the toddler stage of "no's" and tantrums. Yet, we wouldn't trade any of that for who you are.
Covenant-you are a "promise" to us from our Almighty and we pray you are in Perfect Hands.
Much love,
Mom & Dad

["Perfect Hands" is performed by The Mariners]

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